Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special Gift from a Special Friend

I've been friends with Tammi for over 30 years. Wow! That's a long time! We met in high school, have been friends ever since and I think we will always be friends. Some friends are just like that. They're kind of like family. That's what Tammi and her family are to me. I can't imagine ever not having them in my life.

About 20'ish years ago, Tammi found out about a fiber event happening locally and we went to check it out. There were people doing things I'd never seen or even heard about...they were spinning and weaving! It was fascinating and exciting! I remember one woman in particular who had a small loom with her and she was weaving fabric on it to sew a jacket. Wow! That was so cool!

After browsing around the fiber event, we went to a little yarn/weaving/knitting store that Tammi had heard about. It was in Grand Terrace, California and the owner, Matti (Martha Middleton) had just opened her shop. It was in an old, small, shack like building with one window in the front. She was warm and welcoming and so eager to share her love of weaving and other fiber arts. We quickly signed up to learn how to weave. She asked us to pick out four colors of Lamb's Pride yarn to purchase and she taught us to weave on LeClerc, Dorothy, four harness table looms. She not only taught us for free, she was so generous to let me take the loom home to work on my newly learned skills. And, my love of fiber arts...beyond crochet...grew to weaving, eventually spinning, and, years later, knitting. I will never forget Matti and wish I knew where she was today to thank her, again, for sharing her passion with me. Unfortunately, Tammi became ill and wasn't able to do much more than warp her loom.

Fast forward those 20'ish years and Tammi is doing much better and has been able to pursue her interest in weaving and knitting. She found a local yarn shop a couple of years ago in Colorado, purchased a rigid heddle loom and started taking some classes. She's doing amazing! And, she's knitting! I'm so excited that she has finally been able to learn these things and enjoy them. And, it's so great to share the love of fiber arts with her. How great that she was able to introduce both of us to this wonderful world of fiber! Thank you, Tammi!

This Christmas, she surprised me with a very special gift...a scarf made by her, for me. Wow! How cool is that! I'm not even sure how to express in words how special this gift is to me. But, I can show it to the world! Here it gift from Tammi...being modeled by my daughter...

I'm not sure what pattern she used but it's a little bit open and lacey but also very warm.

It's kind of stripey...but subtle.

The colors are pretty and it's soft. It's a perfect length to be able to wear it in various ways. Yeah...this is me...I'm not crazy about being in pictures or sharing them but I thought I'd be brave and go for least one. :-/

Thank you, Tammi! I love it! Hugs!

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Benita said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

It's nice to get a hand-made gift from a friend. You know how much love went into making it.