Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rose Pins

Last week, on Valentine's Day, I made some sweet rose rings and posted them on my blog. Benita, of the blog, "Basically Benita", commented that she liked the red one and that it would be cute as a brooch. I thought that sounded like a great idea! I also thought it would be fun to make one and send it to her. She seems like such a sweet person and I appreciate all of her visits to my blog and the comments she leaves.

I bought a package of pins and got started on trying to recreate the red rose in a bigger size that would work with the pin and look good on a blouse or lapel. It was a wonderful exercise in creativity and problem solving because the way I made the small one didn't look right in a larger size. Hmmmm? I tried some different things and ended up with this one. It's ruffly and cute but doesn't look anything like the ring or much like a rose. This one is about three inches wide, including the leaves.

I kept working on the idea and came up with this one. It's much more similar to the ring. I'm not sure if it looks more like a rose or a Camellia. But, it is pretty. It's about two and 3/4 inches wide, including the leaves. I hope you like it, Benita!

I needed to cover the bottom where all the petals are attached. So, I cut a piece of green felt with little points coming up the sides to resemble the sepal(?) part of a rose. I think it worked pretty well.

I had so much fun making the rings last week and Benita's comment inspired me to spend some more time being creative with felt. Thanks, Benita!


Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

they're both wonderful!

Benita said...

It's beautiful!!! I love it! You are the sweetest lady to do this for me. Thank you!

Roxie said...

The first one is definitely a camellia. (There's a great spy name - the Crimson Camillia.) Your sepals work wonderfully well. Clever you. That would look so dramatic pinned onto a black hat!

Roxie said...

Oooh, make one with pastel felt and use a magic marker to tint the edges of the petals?

jomamma said...

Oh those are darling!!!!

Danish Smith said...
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