Friday, February 17, 2012

New Pattern

The knitters and crocheters in the local "Stitch n Bitch" group are always creating beautiful and inspiring projects. Sometimes they even create them from scratch. One of the ladies created a crochet scarf a couple of months ago that I loved so much that I encouraged her to write the pattern. And...she did!

She wrote down some notes...that night, I think...and sent them to me asking if I'd test the pattern and help her with writing it. I was thrilled to be involved and help out.

The pattern requires 400-500 yards of fingering weight yarn. I bought two skeins of JoAnn's "Bamboo and Ewe" yarn in a lovely purple/lavender color. The pattern calls for two crochet hook sizes, "I" and "J". The larger hook is used for the base chain to be sure it's nice and loose. Great idea! The smaller hook is used for the rest of the scarf.

The pattern is simple and the results are wonderful!

The pattern provides a couple of size options and instructions on how to customize the width. Mine is 6" x 76". The long length provides for lots of different ways to wear it. I love that!

It's lacey and soft.

This yarn was splitty but the end result is drapey and the weight is just perfect.

I love the color. I've been wanting to make something in purple to keep me warm. This is such a nice purple...not too dark, not too light and a nice hue. The color in all the pictures is pretty accurate except the bottom two.

There are are several options listed in the pattern for finishing the scarf. It can be blocked out to make it more open and lacey. And, there's an edging that can be added. I opted for just fastening off and tucking in the ends. The edges of the scarf are so frilly, delicate and pretty that I didn't want to cover them up with an edging. I didn't block mine because I like the feel and look of it as is.

The texture of the fabric is really cool. It's lacey and feminine. At certain angles there's a faint grid and lines. And, when it's held up to the light, it has a ziggy zaggy pattern. Who knew you could create all this in a simple pattern with only a couple of different stitches?!

I tried to be as thorough as possible with testing the pattern. I tested out crochet hook sizes to see how they compared, wrote, rewrote, and kept tweeking the pattern until I felt it was ready to send off to her. She was very happy with it and just needed to add a picture and a few details. She added a second edging option which I'm a little confused on it's directions. But, if I make this again, I'll probably do it without an edge because I like it so much on it's own. The pattern is by "Inneryarnzen" (I love that name!). She called it, "The Gift" and it's available for free on Ravelry. Just click "HERE"

I'm so excited to wear my new scarf! Thank you, "Inneryarnzen" for letting me help out with your first pattern and be one of the first to have one of these beautiful scarves. I love it! :-)

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Roxie said...

YOu take such awesome photos! Your models and setting make the scarf that much more appealing. Clearly you are a woman with many skills.