Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Chicken Soup...Ever!

I'm always playing around with recipes and inventing my own. Chicken soup is one of the things I like to experiment with. Last year, I discovered that a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in a bowl of chicken soup really kicks it up to a new level of yumm! Last night, I found a way to make chicken soup that was the best ever!

A couple of nights ago, I made a recipe for Chicken Cacciatore that I found on line. I followed the recipe pretty closely. The only changes I made were that, instead of boneless/skinless chicken, I used thighs with the bone in and I removed the skin. I also used fresh rosemary instead of dried. It was really good. I stored the remaining sauce in the fridge overnight. Then...last night, I put that remaining sauce in a large pan with a large can (49 ounces, I think) of chicken broth. I heated it to boiling and added half a package of spaghetti that I broke into thirds. I continued cooking it until the pasta was done. Super easy! I served it up with a fresh lemon wedge squeezed into each bowl and dropped in for even more flavor. It was out of this world delicious!

My daughter commented that I need to make a huge pot of the chicken Cacciatore just so I can freeze containers of the sauce to make soup whenever we want. I just might do that!


Roxie said...

Ohhh, so hungry! Mouth waters so hard it hurts!!

harpcat said...

That was the best chicken soup ever! Sooooo good! =) You have to make it again. =)