Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Hour with Salsa

What a wonderful, warm, sunny day we had! And, hubby had some good news at work. So, we thought it was a great time to go out to celebrate and have some fun.

Hubby came home early and we went to Temecula...with our Airedale, enjoy happy hour at the "Lazy Dog Cafe" where doggies can dine with their owners on the patio. Salsa thought this was pretty cool! And, what a great girl she was! She just hung out and relaxed with us.

She got a few bare foot massages under the table and lots of petting.

It was so nice to have great weather to dine outside again. And, we've been meaning to take Salsa to this restaurant for a while.

They call 3:00-6:00 p.m. their "Happiest Hours". They have a special menu with all kinds of goodies. We ordered lots of different things for our dinner. We started off with one of their beer samplers. This one was six, two ounce glasses of their own brews. They were really good!

We also had some garlic flat bread, Hawaiian Poke, chicken lettuce wraps...

and zucchini sticks.

The waitress brought Salsa her very own bowl of water.

I brought some doggy cookies so she wouldn't feel left out. We don't normally feed her at the table or while we're eating, but this was a special occasion. Plus, she's so cute and sweet that it's hard not to.

Then, came the dessert! A skillet with a hot brownie, a big scoop of ice cream, whipped cream and a strawberry. was delicious! After those cookies, Salsa thought dessert looked pretty good too!

Mmmmmmm... about a little whipped cream?

These pictures crack me up....look at how her eyes crossed as she looked at that yummy finger full of whipped cream! lol

She was so cute and being such a good girl that my daughter topped the last cookie with a small dollop of whipped cream.



It got chilly shortly after we got there. The waitress turned on the heaters and that helped a bit. We had a lot of fun and plan to go back again this summer when it's warmer. I'm sure Salsa would be thrilled to go and there are lots more things on the "happiest" menu that we want to try.


Susan Harvey said...

I think our Calli and your Salsa could be twins!

.. and thanks for the cookie and whipped cream precedence! There will be demands made here now :)

She does look like a little princess and well behaved.

But then I'm biased to Airedales... having a little princess myself.


Roxie said...

Salsa is gorgeous. Is it true that Airdales are sort of a tap-dance and vaudeville type of dog? They like to show off and are happiest when being intellectually challenged? She looked pretty darn happy with that whipped cream!

The Lazy Dog sounds like a great place. My husband has family in the area, so maybe next time we go south you and I (and Salsa) could meet for tea and chat.

Life Looms Large said...

Looks like such a nice time!!! The food looks great, and the Salsa photos are top notch! I love how well you captured her different expressions!!!

Bailey hopes to get to eat at an outdoor cafe someday soon!


WS said...

Delicious! That food looked so good. Salsa must have thought the day was pretty awesome too.

It's great to have those venues where you can take the dog. I don't have a dog, but my sister and her husband do, and the poor thing spends quite a few hours waiting in the car for her pets to come back. She's be quite pleased to have a place like that too, I think.

Mom said...

Would you like to take Daisy?

KarenB said...

I know Buddy wouldn't have behaved so well. Looks like Salsa was enjoying dinner out.