Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dictionary Delight

Decades ago, one of my neighbors had a HUGE dictionary sitting in her living room that I thought was so cool! I've wanted one ever since. However, I've never seen one in any of the many antique shops I've visited. That is...until last week.

My daughter and I needed to get out and about one day last week. So, we drove to Temecula for a little shopping. What a great afternoon we had! We hit the jackpot at Home Goods (that will be another post) and finally found...not just one...but two...huge dictionaries at an antique shop. Wow!

I spotted the green one sitting on a trunk in one of the booths. I quickly darted over and grabbed it up! My daughter, being the antique book lover and collector that she is, gasped at my find. It's something she has been wanting too. I figured that if the vendor of that booth liked one enough to buy it, they might have two. It was worth a look. Our eyes started scanning every inch of the booth and...there it was...the tan and red one!

They're big and heavy! Each one is 5" thick!

They're both from 1966. Not super old but old enough for us and we love how they look.

We're still not sure which one we each want. I like the green one but it's a great color to go with my daughter's shabby chic look. She likes the red and tan one but the red goes great with my decor. Hmmmm? Maybe we'll just trade off.

They're a lot of fun to look through. They have tons of info in the front and back about language and various things...even algebra. And, they have lots of maps!

We think we got a pretty good deal on them. One had a price of $16 and the other was $24. However, we asked if they would call the vendor and ask if we could get the $24 one marked down to $16 since they were both from the same year. They called and the vendor gave us an even better deal. We ended up getting both of them for $30. It's always worth asking.