Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pack 'O Fun

This is our dog, Salsa, with her new "pack pack". Sooo cute! She is practicing wearing it on her walks so she'll be ready to use it on hikes to carry her own water and treats. She did great, and looked very stylish and cool at the same time! :) Yay, Salsa!

In the fiber daughter had spring break last week and I didn't get much time to knit because we were out and about having fun together...we had great weather last week too...yay!!! But, I'm almost done with my second monkey sock...all that's left is the toe. I was inspired yesterday at a knit group to learn the toe-up, circular needle way of making socks. I saw someone starting one yesterday and thought it was pretty cool that you don't have to sew the toe closed, it's made in the begining and when you bind off at the cuff, you're done! Wow! I think that's what I'll try for my next pair of socks.

I'm getting anxious for spring. It seems like we're having an endless winter...although, I know I really have nothing to complain about compared to many other parts of the country...but, I live in Southern's suppose to be warm and wonderful here. Right?!! lol I've talked to other 'spoiled' Southern Californians lately who are tired of it too. It's funny to hear others say they do something I do to get warm....sit in a car in the sun....ahhhhhh! lol I know...I'm a wimp!!! But, I prefer to call myself "solar powered"! :-) I'm excited to work in the yard and plant a garden. My husband has been busy working on the yard and we got some seeds yesterday. I did some re-potting of indoor plants yesterday too. It was fun to play in the dirt and plant. I haven't done that for a long time. I'm looking forward to fresh herbs and veggies again! Yum!!!!

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