Thursday, April 24, 2008

So Much Fun!

What a fun day yesterday! I went to Crochet Cafe in Temecula for the Wednesday morning knit/crochet group and started a new pair of socks. I decided to make a plain pair with a short rib on the top and knit legs. It was fun to knit something very simple for a change. I'm knitting them with a variagated wool that I had in white, purples and greens. I didn't realize until I started knitting them that there is a sort of peachy color too. I'm not sure I'm crazy about how it's looking so far but they are soft and fun to knit. I noticed something interesting with knitting these...I'm using a set of Plymouth bamboo knitting needles that I haven't used in a while and they are soooooo nice. I've been using Takumi needles on the last couple pairs of socks and the points on them aren't very pointy, I can feel the grain of the bamboo as I knit, and as I slide my needles through the loops I can feel the printed size scritch through. I'm not crazy about that. I couldn't believe the difference with the Plymouth needles. The points are so nice and pointy and the needles are so smooth. I don't feel the grains at all and the size printed on them doesn't have a noticable feel either. I love them. Next time I need more needles I think I'll look for more of this brand. Very nice.

While I was at the shop I decided to do a little shopping and bought a bag full of yarn. Of course, it was a ton of fun to get new, pretty yarn but it also felt good to support the shop owner as she is battling cancer and going through a tough time right now. That was my main reason for the shopping spree because I don't really need yarn. I bought some more Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (above) to make the snowflake socks. I needed to get a solid color so the lace can show up. This has some variation because it's handpainted but it's so subtle that in some light it's not noticable. It's such a pretty pink color. I also bought some blue bamboo yarn for one of my summer projects. Bamboo and summer go together (can you tell I'm longing for warm weather?!) and it will be a great project to take to the beach and knit washcloths. The shop owner has made some and they are so soft and wonderful. I also bought some cotton yarns for unknown projects but they are nice and the price was right. One is brown and white (Rodeo Tan) and the other is blue and white (Stonewash). Fun!

As if that wasn't enough yarny fun...I had another knit group here last night (second one this week and there's another one today) to work on a comfort blanket for the shop owner. We made a lot of progress and it was so much fun. One of the ladies stayed longer and we stitched and chatted until after midnight. It's coming along well. It probably wouldn't win any prizes for beauty but it's so filled with love. We all hope it brings her comfort as it's being made to do. She so deserves and needs that right now. :-)


Anonymous said...

Tim talked to Roger and it was 103 in Long Beach. It must be hotter than heck where you are. It was 87 in our hallway today and muggy. The kids faces were red when they came in from the heat-not sun. Hope had a good weekend.

Acorn to Oak said...

Hey, Paula. What a nice surprise to see you visited my blog. Thanks for leaving a note. It's always nice to see when someone reads it. Sometimes it seems like no one does. It's still fun though. Let me know when you get one. hint hint :)

It wasn't too bad here. In fact, we worked outside most of the weekend. I'm just happy it's not so cold now. I hope you had a great weekend too. :-) I'll talk with you soon. :-)