Thursday, April 17, 2008

She Can Do It!!!!

The cat has learned to sit!!! I got a silly idea in my head a month or more ago to teach the cat to sit and wait when I'm getting her food. She is probably the most stubborn cat I've ever had so this was no easy task. We kept working with her every time we fed her (she's a pig so that's quite often) and just when I was ready to give up...ta da!!! She can do it!!! She needs a little coaxing to get her bottom all the way down to a sitting position but then she waits and watches while I take the lid off of her food canister, scoop the food, pour it into her bowl, put the scoop back, replace the lid, and give her a little hug as she looks up at my face sweetly with a little meow, I let go and say "ok" and she calmly begins eating. I think it may be good for her because she seems more calm when she eats now. She use to just gobble up her food like there was no tomorrow.

This is a picture of Duchess enjoying her new kitty bed before I felted it (notice all the yarn labels...crochet takes sooooo much yarn! I think I'll knit the next one. lol). In fact, I think she liked it even better before I felted it. She does lay in it sometimes though. The dog loves to lay on it but it's way too small for her. lol

Happy Wednesday!

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