Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunshine, Simplicity and Recycling

What a wonderful weekend! It was sunny and warm and I spent a lot of time outside working in the yard and knitting. Ahhhh! Life is good! :- )

I started these socks to have a mindless project to work on at knit gatherings but I am enjoying working on them so much that I don't want to stop. My husband kept catching me knitting so much this weekend that he started saying, "you are addicted" (in a good way). It's the only knit project I worked on all weekend. It's relaxing and it's fun to see a project grow quickly. I started them on size 3's but they were turning out big for my small ankles so I decided to set that one aside and start another one on size 2's to compare. It's interesting to see what a difference it makes, especially since both needle sizes are so small. The size 2 sock has the same amount of stitches but it's almost an inch narrower. I think it's going to fit so much better and I like the look and feel of it better. It's interesting to see the difference in the color pattern between the two sizes too. I'm using "Silver Creek" space dyed Blue Face Leicester yarn in "Herb Garden" (although, I think it looks kind of like Easter Camo or like Easter threw up - lol). It's not my favorite in the way of color but I had it and it's growing on me.

Notice the little bread ties at the top of the picture. I saw Lily Chin a couple of years ago and she had mentioned using them to keep ends safe and out of the way while working on a project. It was an interesting idea but I hadn't tried it until recently when I saw someone using them at a knit group and it all of a sudden seemed like a great idea. The next day I was busy stealing bread ties from bags in the pantry to gather lots of colors. It's fun and it's actually really nice. I don't have any problems now with the end getting tangled in the yarn I'm working with or grabbing the end by mistake. It looks nice and neat and it's fun to try to coordinate a bread tie color with my yarn. lol Hooray for recycling! :-)

I will get back to working on my Potamus socks. I'm just going to enjoy some simplicity for a few days.

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Lisa said...

OOOH such pretty yarns this week!