Monday, March 17, 2008

Monkey'n Around

I'm working on my second monkey sock and hope to finish it this week. I found the needles I need for my upcoming vest project. And, I've plied up a bunch of yarn I'd spun for my purse project. So, I have plenty to keep me busy in the fiber world. :) My daughter has been busy with fibery stuff lately too. She found a pattern and crocheted a sweater for her cat. It turned out cute. I'll try to get a picture sometime to post on here. The cat actually seems to like it. She'll sleep for hours, cozy and warm in her sweater made with love. :) My daughter tried her hand at designing some slippers too. It looks pretty cool but turned out way too large...even for dad! This weekend she started knitting her first hat and she's enjoying it a lot. Her life is very busy with school, orchestra, playing her harp (lessons, practice, jobs, etc.), and life, but it's pretty cool when she finds some time for fibery fun...and it's nice to see that fiber love runs in the family! :)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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