Friday, February 29, 2008

Monkey Sock

I finally decided on a sock pattern after days of looking. It's the "Monkey" sock from I'm so excited about it because it's the first lace knitting I've actually done (excluding the shawl experiment from a lace book I bought last year...which made lace seem like a four letter word - lol). And...I'm doing it and it's coming out! Wow! Soooo cool! I'm not sure if it's going to be too big though. It seems bigger than other socks I've made but I'm having trouble figuring out how to figure the gauge. It says that so many stitches in stockinette and lace (or something like that) equal four inches. I don't know if that means to measure an inch (as it calls for) of ribbing and then the lace or if it's an either/or. Or...if it's across or down. I'll see if I can find an answer on the knitty website. I'm having so much fun at it though that I almost don't care if it's too big cuz it's sooo cool to be doing this! Wow! I'll also need to read about blocking it too. I tend to knit kinda tight and I'm even wondering if it'll work to block it since it's so stiff and pulled up. Hmmm?

It's so funny...I've always thought it was really amazing that people could knit socks and I can do it now...and it's still amazing. But...don't laugh...I didn't think people really wore them...or wore them very often. But...I have been wearing mine and I love them so much. I can't believe that. I was just knitting them cuz it's fun. Now, I think an addiction is forming. I want to get good at this and make amazing socks. So many amazing socks that I have some for any color outfit and any mood.! It's soooo much fun! That's so funny to me...but I love it! Anyway...enough of sounding like a ditzy knitter...I've got to get back to my sock....I hear it calling!!! :)


Lady Wentworth said...

socks are so addicting!!! I think hand knitted socks are the best thing ever! Your sock looks beautiful.

Acorn to Oak said...


Yeah...hand knit socks so cozy-cool! :)

Lady Wentworth said...

how's the monkey sock coming along??? I want photos =) hehehehehehe