Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, I got news from my doc about my xrays and it is "osteoarthritis - degenerative joint disease"! *&#@@!! I say I'm too young!!!! Not fair! Wahhhhhhh! Ok! Stop crying! The truth is that it's been bothering me on and off for years and hopefully it will turn off again soon. I'm still holding out hope! And, he said it's mild. That's good. Now I'm waiting for more info if I need any therapy or anything and how to get exercising. I really need exercise badly. I'm in the worst shape of my entire life (maybe that has contributed to my hip discomfort) and it's good to lift my mood. That's another thing that needs help. I've been put on the pill by another doc for pre-menopause symptoms and even though it has helped some of the symptoms I've been increasingly depressed in a way that is totally not me. It's become like something sitting on my brain and I hate it. Also, the major headaches seem to be related to the pill. After lots of research the past few days and talking with my hubby I've decided that I should stop them (which I did last week as part of the cycle of 4 months on and a week off - I'm feeling better emotionally as the week goes on without the pill). I'm switching gyno docs too in an attempt to get a doc that will listen and try to help me out. Doctors can be so frustrating sometimes. My current doc acts like it's his way and don't question it. Even though everything I read, including the drug info for my prescription, says that some of the things I'm experiencing can happen and that some are dangerous. He just says that I'm fine and keep taking them, to just go to a mental health professional and get antidepressent meds. What a dope! It makes much more sense to adjust or stop the drug that's causing the depression than to just pile on another drug. They just want to keep loading on more and more meds! Anyway...I'm trying to have control of my health and find help. Wish me luck!

In the's lots of knitting and fiber play for's therapy you know! :)

Oh yeah...check out the "Plucky Fluff" blog (on the side bar) for the most recent challenge. It's pretty cool cuz it can help someone out as well as be fun.

Have a fabulous fibery Friday! :)


hopalong682003 said...


Total BOO! on the arthritis. That sucks, but hang in there...I think that you're right that exercise, mood, knitting therapy, etc. will help you through. I'm sending you the best vibes that I've got. :-)

BTW, on a totally separate note, I LOVE the felted animals that you're doing. You've got a calling. Wow! I hope we have the chance to get together and play with fiber. You're inspiring. :-)

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks for the well wishes and the compliments. Both are much appreciated. And, yes...let's get together soon. :-)