Friday, February 15, 2008


Okay...what's with hairstylists that think they can do whatever they want to your hair?!!!! I went in and asked to have my hair cut like a picture I brought in. I even asked about being able to 'scrunch' it to have curls (I have some natural curl in my hair) and she agreed it would work. I don't understand what happened between then and now cuz I walked out in tears with my hair basically buzzed off. She said that 'she' decided to clean it up around the ears. I'll say! It's cut above my ears are to the cold! The picture I showed her (and she had it open on her table) has soft curls and waves all over, you can't see the models ears at all! I have spikey, short hair on top, exposed ears and hair so short that there's no way I could get it to curl. In fact my hair is so short it won't even wave!!!!! It's everything I didn't want!!! ARGH! I'm so upset I've been bawling my eyes out! Why would someone do that?!!! Now I'm stuck for months waiting for it to grow long enough to get something even close to what I asked for. I would have been better off trying to cut it myself!!! I had someone else do this same cut, with the same picture, last fall and it was NOTHING like this! My family loved that haircut more than any I've ever gotten. I hate this one more than any I've ever gotten. This sucks!!! I guess it's time to take some deep breaths and try to find something good in this experience. And, maybe it's time to dig out the hats I've knitted!!!


hopalong682003 said...
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hopalong682003 said...

Oh, boy. :-(

I'm sorry you had such an unhappy hair experience. Have you talked to the manager yet? I know that they can't give you your hair back, but maybe they can help you style it a way that you like...and hopefully for free or for cheap.

Acorn to Oak said...

Unfortunately I don't have enough hair left to cut into a different style. That's how short it is. I should have talked to her more about it but I was so upset I just left in tears. I've been getting compliments on it, which helps a bit. And, it's easy to style since it's so short. Other than that I'll just have to wait for it grow.