Thursday, February 14, 2008


Wow! What a difference in weather from just a couple of days ago! It was 80 degrees earlier this week and now it's barely 40 and there is snow in all the surrounding hills and mountains. My husband said it's been raining hard all day in Carlsbad. I think they missed it on this forcast since it was only suppose to drizzle a little during last night. It's ok though cuz we need all the precipitation we can get and the snow is beautiful! It's so much better than the deep freeze in other parts of the country. And, the cold doesn't seem so bad considering it's suppose to reach near 80 again this weekend. Ahhhhh!

Not much knitting or fiber play the past few days as I have an interior design job going and I've been working away at that. I'm having knitting withdrawals though...I'm going to go sit down and get a little knitting in this afternoon while I can cuz it's more work tomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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