Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunshine and a Cable :)

It was a pretty good weekend compared to how things have been going. Yay! I haven't had to take any headache meds for four days. Slight pain but I'm trying to get off all these meds. Being off the hormones is helping and I'm feeling more myself each day. My family said they're seeing a sparkle in my eyes again. And life is looking a bit rosey. My hip is feeling better and better and I even tried walking on the treadmill yesterday. It felt fine and still did this morning so I went for a longer walk outside and enjoyed the sunshine and getting out of the house for a while. Ahhhhh! I'm thinking positive for another good day....and a great week!

I've been having fun with yarn...I finished knitting a leg warmer the end of last week out of blue alpacca yarn. It sounds like 80's but I love leg warmers under my jeans to keep my ankles and legs toasty. They're hard to find so I decided to make some. So far so good. I'll probably start the other one today at my daughter's harp lesson (a full hour of knitting once a week). And, I got started on my vest project and it's going really good. It's so exciting and fun...I'm making a garment and I did a cable! Wooo hooo! :) I've already finished the main part of it up to the v-neck, with a cable up the center front, and did the left side of the v-neck up to the shoulder. I'm almost finished with the right side of the v and then I'll be onto the back. So much fun! I hope it turns out great...I can't wait to wear it.


hopalong682003 said...

Good for you! Medicines can be fantastic...but isn't it amazing how they can also be so tricky. I'm really happy that you're feeling better.

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks! :)