Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hot Days, Cool Trips

This is part of my herb garden. I have three half wine barrels that I've filled with soil and planted herbs in. This one has Cilantro, Basil, Orgegano, and Sage. We're loving having fresh herbs again! Yum! We've gotten spoiled the past few years with having fresh herbs in the Spring, Summer, and part of Fall. During the Winter I wonder why I bother buying dried herbs at the store. They have almost no flavor compared to the fresh ones.

More seeds have sprouted in our water trough garden and we even have a baby tomato. It's so exciting! I took pictures but it's not much to see yet so I'll hold off on posting one until the garden grows up a bit more.

It's been very hot here (over 100) this past week. Cool escapes have been nice....

My husband and I went biking along the ocean from Encinitas to Del Mar and back on Saturday while our daughter was at orchestra rehearsal. It was such a beautiful day down there. Ahhhh! I loved it. Yesterday I went on a fun trip with a friend to Carlsbad and Solana Beach/Cedros. It was so nice to be near the sea again. The weather was perfect. We walked around Cedros and browsed some really cool shops. We also visited some quilt shops and I fell in love with Amy Butler fabrics and patterns. Wow! They are so beautiful, colorful, and fun! I knew my daughter would love them so I showed them to her online and she's in love too. We hope to go take some classes this summer to make some of her great bags.

My second Easter Camo sock is almost finished. I didn't knit on it much over the weekend because of headaches and busyness. I'll probably finish it today or tomorrow. I'm inspired by our fabric outing yesterday and plan to head into my crafting studio/guest room to do a little sewing today. I have plenty of fabrics to keep me busy!

All the windows are open and the birds are singing. What a beautiful day today! Nice temps again. It should be in the 80's today and in the 70's the rest of the week. Sooooo nice. Perfect crafting weather for a solar powered, barometrically challenged gal! :-)

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