Monday, May 12, 2008

Dirt Instead of Diamonds! :- )

Wow! It's Monday again, already! Time flies! Last week was busy but good. It was filled with a lot of daughter stuff. She took her driving permit test (which she passed the first time. Yay!). She got a haircut and we finalized stuff for her to go to the prom on Saturday. She had a friend over for dinner on Friday. And then the normal weekly busy-ness. Saturday was a wonderful day spent with my daughter doing her nails, helping her with her hair, easing her pre-prom jitters, and then taking tons of pictures. She looked so beautiful! She had a good time...not great like she had hoped because her date was kind of a dud...but it was fun. We're still trying to catch up on sleep from such a late night.

Mother's day was nice. I got a truck load of garden soil and a load of mulch delivered in our driveway on Friday. While our daughter was at the prom we went plant shopping and we picked out veggie plants, more herbs, and two more wonderful smelling half wine barrels for planting herbs. Sunday was spent in the back yard filling the old watering trough (275 gallons big), half wine barrels, and an old wash tub with soil and planting (raised beds = great soil and keeps doggy out!). We re-mulched the flower beds. And, my husband attached drippers for all the new plantings. I joke that some ladies get diamonds for gifts...I got dirt! But that's what I wanted. I'm not a diamond kinda girl. Fresh, rich dirt and plants are much more exciting to me. I love our new gardens and can't stop going out to look at them. I'm so excited to see them grow and start harvesting yummy veggies and herbs. So far we've planted three different types of tomatoes, Anaheim chilis, peas, radishes, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, English Thyme, Lemon Thyme, and Rosemary. We still have some yellow flying saucer squash to plant and I want to get some more seeds for some other things. The Cilantro, Oregano, Basil, and Sage that I recently planted are doing great. We also planted a Salvia/Red Sage plant for the hummingbirds. There have been so many of them this year. They fly around our yard a lot, eat from our flowers and plants, drink from the watering drippers, and they like to hover over our grass...we're not sure what they're doing when they do that though...unless they eat bugs...I'm not sure. But, we sure enjoy them. I'll post pictures of the garden as it grows.

The picture at the top of this post is of two washcloths that I knitted last week. They were fun to knit and turned out soft and nice. I love the colors. I'm going to make a bunch of them in different colors for Christmas gifts. I'll add nice soaps and things to make gift sets. That'll be fun.

The friend of mine that started knitting a couple of weeks ago is doing great and really enjoying it. She's on her second washcloth and her daughter is loving knitting too. Pretty exciting!

I gave my mom a bag of alpacca yarn yesterday for Mother's Day, along with a pattern for a lacy shawl. I have more alpacca yarn for myself and plan to knit the same shawl. We may be knitting on them at the same time. That's always fun. I'm planning to start mine today.

Have an awesome week!

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