Friday, May 16, 2008

I've been wondering something....Why is it that some blogs get lots of comments on their posts on a regular basis and others that are just as good hardly get any? Are the ones with lots of comments done by people that are famous in some way? Or is it that they've just been blogging for a long time? Is it because of all those little group labels they have down the sides of their blogs? I love blogging... crafting my projects (which I do anyway), posing them for pictures, choosing the pictures, composing the posts, etc. But, I have to admit that it does make it a lot more fun when I get comments...which I don't get many of.

I've read about how to increase visitors to my blog. I've tried posting pictures regularly. I've tried posting often. I've tried posting less often. I try to give interesting details. I read a lot of blogs (which I love to do). I comment often on other blogs. I've joined a couple of online groups. I tell people about my blog. And, I hear from friends sometimes that they checked it out and liked it. But, they don't leave comments either.

I've noticed that some blogs get lots of comments right away after a new post and others that are just as nice or nicer hardly get any or none at all. I've wondered if it has to do with what they're posting...if it's a lot of projects, more complex projects, etc. But that doesn't seem to be the case either. So, as far as I can figure, right now, is that the ones that get lots of readers and comments are either famous, knitterly people or that they've just been blogging for a long time and have slowly picked up blog pals along the way. So, I'll keep on posting and having fun with it for that and see what happens over the long haul.

In the meantime...if you're reading this...please take a moment to say, "hi". I'd love it. And, share your thoughts on this subject...even if you're experiencing the same thing. I'd love to hear from you.

In the world of knitting I've been busy. I finished up another scarf for charity this week and made another wash cloth. I'm half way through the second sock made out of that Easter Camo looking yarn. And...I tried my hand at lace again and got frustrated at it being the four letter word that it is! I understood the pattern just fine. No problem. I could do everything it said. But, on the fourth row (I know...that's not very far) I needed to go back a few stitches and couldn't figure out how to undo some of the YO's and K2 together TBL. I didn't know which way they were suppose to go and I got them twisted up and ended up ripping it all out. It didn't help that the yarn was a darker blue color which made it harder to see. I feel like I should be able to knit lace. I made the monkey socks. I've done mobious knitting. I understand the patterns I keep trying. But....for some reason it's just not working. I'm so determined to get this though. I'm wondering if I need to take a lace knitting class or just keep working at it til it works. If I could just get it right for one repeat of the lace...or even half a dozen rows...I could put in a lifeline. That would be good.

On an encouraging friend that started knitting a couple weeks ago is hooked. She is loving it so much and learning new things by watching videos on YouTube (we don't live close enough to be able to help her often). We went yarn store hopping together yesterday and had a lot of fun. It's so fun to see her getting excited over yarn! Wow! She's anxious to start her third project already. Her daughter is doing great too. So exciting!

Our new garden is growing great! Yay! New radishes are coming up everyday and new leaves on the other plants. Can't wait to be able to eat fresh veggies. Yum!!!

Happy knitting and have an awesome weekend!


Lisa said...

I feel your pain. Try adding a counter (try "site meter") to your blog (unless you already have one... I didn't look). I felt way better about my blog once I did. Now I can see how many hits I get instead of depending on comments. I tend to read blogs in a hurry and always say - oh I will add a comment later. We all know how that works out. Keep on posting!

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks, Lisa. I added a counter last week and it does help a little. I'll keep on postin'. I'm trying to get better at commenting to people more often too. Maybe that will help. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone wondering about this. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the lace pattern. I met you and your Mom at Crochet Cafe one day, I had the black bamboo lace shawl. I'm working on a new one for Debra in yellow. I could help with the lace knitting, if you want. Love the socks.
Cally -

Acorn to Oak said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. Yeah...I might take you up on your offer for help on the lace. Thanks. :-)