Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Starting Something New with Something Old

I finished the second sock that I'm calling Easter Camo (cuz it looks like camoflauge in Easter colors). Using smaller needles did get rid of the bagginess but even though I made it to the measurements of my foot length they are a bit small. The good news is that I think they'll fit my mom. So, now mom gets a new pair of socks made by me. Kinda cool cuz she's made stuff for me all my life and it's always fun to be able to make something for her. These are colors she really likes too. :)

I've spent a lot of time the past few weeks trying to find a pattern that will advance my skills but still be in the range of possibility for success. I may have found it. I spent a long time on Ravelry this weekend and found a bunch of really cool vintage shawl patterns. I have a lot of alpacca yarn that I want to use up and started making this "Crescendo Shawl" pattern with blue alpacca yarn. So far, so good. I've made it through one repeat of the pattern and I'm in the middle of the second. I even placed a lifeline! I have one small mistake that I haven't been able to figure out how to fix but it's the kind that I think no one will be able to see and it doesn't affect the count or anything so I'm just leaving it. I'm hoping this project will advance my skills and build my confidence. I've been feeling discouraged lately about being able to do more advanced knitting.

Here's another one of the vintage patterns I found that I would like to make. I love the collar on it. This one is called "Adagio". Since my daughter plays the harp and plays in a symphony I thought it was fun to find a whole list of shawl patterns that are named after parts of music. Some of the others are: Allegro, Contralto, Harmony, Metron, Minuet, Sonata, Symphony, Concerto, Fantasy, Lyric, and Waltz. The directions on them seem very clear and easy to understand too.

On a side note...we had some crazy weather here last week. What was originally forecast to be a nice week turned into days of crazy storms...rain, hail, and, yes...even tornados...in Southern California!!! Unbelievable! We finally have blue skies again today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Warm weather would be so nice!

Happy Knitting and have a great week!

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