Friday, May 2, 2008

Sock #1

Here's sock number one of my simple sock project. The smaller needles made this sock the perfect size. It feels so good. And, I think I kinda like the colors now. It's always so fun watching a color pattern develop with variegated yarn. And, the challenge will be, as always, to try to get the second sock to turn out similar. We'll see how it goes. This simple sock has been relaxing and fun and I'll get started on my second one but I'm ready to dive back into my lace sock project again (potamus).

The weather may finally be stabilizing...hopefully. It was sunny the first couple days of this week, cool, but sunny. Then on Wednesday it was cold, cloudy and windy. Another wintery day. But...then, Thursday it was sunny and wonderful and it's suppose to be nice for the next seven days or so. Ahhhhhh! Soooo nice. I was determined to make the most of yesterday.... I went shopping to buy herbs and flowers and came home and did some planting and yardwork. My herb garden is started (yum...can't wait to use them). And, I planted a color pot (so pretty). My daughter came home and decided that she wanted to work outside too. She got the mower out and mowed the front and the back. Wow! That was nice! And, then we both worked together doing more trimming and cleaning up. It was so much fun. It stayed nice into the evening and we enjoyed dinner out on the patio. Ahhhh. I love it!

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