Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is a picture from our trip to Zion National Park last year. The reason I'm posting it today is because we're planning another trip to that beautiful state for next summer and I'm dreaming of warm weather. What a nice fantasy! It's cold and dark again here in Southern California and I'm sooooo tired of it. Just when it gets warm and we start to we think it's here to stay a while we're zapped with cold again. Ugh! My husband and I were talking about this the other day and how it's like the country is in a weather carnival on various types of rides. Some areas have been in the dunk tank. Other areas seem to be on the tilt-a-whirl with all the tornados. And then there is the roller coaster...like here where it was over 100 a couple of weeks ago (up), then (wheeeeeee) back down to 60 and cloudy, then back up into the 80's (up again before the next drop), now the temps are down again. Whew! What a ride! I'd like to go on one of the more steady (and warm) rides for a change. That would be fun. :)

In the knitting world I had a fun day last Friday teaching a good friend to knit and going shopping with her for needles and supplies. She was very excited and doing very well. She's hit a few bumps but I'm hoping to get her through it so she can enjoy this same wonderful passion. But, at the very least I think her daughter has fallen in love with it and has taken over the yarn she was working on. So funny.

For me, I couldn't wait to knit with my bamboo yarn so I started a washcloth with a seed stitch heart. It should be an easy project but I've been having a lot of trouble with it. I'm not sure why except that sometimes that happens for a few days (brain glitch?) and then I'm off and running (uh...knitting) again. It's really soft yarn and feels so great knitted up. It is a bit slick and hard to keep the tension even though. It was suppose to be a quick project. Oh well. But I hope to have a picture of it completed very soon.

I went to Michael's last weekend looking for one thing and ended up in the yarn area (as usual) and couldn't resist buying some of the "Sugar 'n Cream" cotton yarns. They had soooo many pretty colors and the price was so cheap that it was hard to choose just a few. I had a pile of all the colors I loved and my daughter helped me narrow it down to three. I got "Summer Splash", "Strawberry", and "Faded Denim". I plan to make some wash cloths with these. If they turn out well it might be a great idea for Christmas gifts with some nice soaps. I did so bad at Christmas last year. I'm determined to do better this year so I'm trying to start early.

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