Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zion Hat FO

Yay!  My Zion/Extreme Knitting hat is finished!

The stockinette section just kept going and going.
That got a bit boring sometimes.  So, I kept setting it aside to work on projects that were more fun.
I finally got so close to the 9" of stockinette yesterday that I was determined to get to the decrease section.  Once I reached that point, I just had to finish.  That part went quickly.

I never did find a label for this ball of sock yarn from my stash.  I sure love the colors though.
The pattern is "Sockhead Hat" and its free on Ravelry.  It's my first slouch hat.
I used 16", size 2 1/2 circulars  and some DPN's to knit it. 

It's not hat season around here right now.
But, it sure feels great to finish another project that's been sitting around for a while.
I know I'll get good use out of it next winter.


Benita said...

I absolutely love the colors. Fall colors are my favorite and that one looks like New England in October.

Anonymous said...

I made that hat. Let me tell you you deserve like an ice cream sunday with a butt load of cherries on top because that is miles of tiny stockenette and only one who has done it can appreciate it. Truly.
I do love my hat thought, it is soft and squishy and really cute on, but it won't be happening again, I can promise that.
I know you will enjoy wearing it as I do mine.

Sandra said...

So pretty! And the colours are quite reminiscent of the colours int he rock formations you were hanging from while knitting. Couldn't be more perfect.

Quinn said...

Love the close-up picture - the colors are gorgeous!

Roxie said...

Nine inches of stockinette on size 2.5? Holy Crow, woman! You are a paragon of persistence and patience! And what a wonderful hat you got out of it, too. Love, love the colors. Very joyfully you.

Judy S said...

Looks AWESOME! You've inspired me to start one so I can have an easy project to work on during my flights! I'll get the ribbing done before I fly then save all that stockinette for the trip :-)

Vicki Boster said...

Cheryl-- I love the hat!!! Love the yarn and the patten. Knitting slouch hats is one of my favorite projects-- you're going to love this hat when winter comes----but let's don't rush the seasons!!

It's just beautiful-- love the colors! Great stash buster:)