Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun Finds

I popped into one of my favorite local antique shops last week.
Right as I walked in I spotted a couple of little treasures that
just had to come home with me...

I'm still not completely sure what I'll do with this adorable little bin but I just had to have it.
I just know it'll be perfectly handy in just the right room...once I figure it out.  ;-)
I love the lacy look of the punched holes on the front.
I tossed in a rolled towel and some old clothes pins for the photo.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with this one.
I needed a place to hang a hand towel near the utility sink in our laundry room.
The little attached soap dish is perfect for holding some handmade soap.
The star is a bonus because I have stars here and there throughout our home.
The prices on these were pretty good too.
Fun finds!

As a little side note...I started having problems with blogger flipping my vertical pictures
sideways a few months ago.  This month, they're not only flipping sideways, they're distorting.
I've figured out ways to get them to display the right direction when I view the posts on
my computer.  However, I discovered today that those same photos are showing up
sideways when I view my blog on my phone.  It's frustrating and I can't seem to find an 
answer.  I've noticed a couple of other bloggers complaining about the same problem.
Has anyone found a solution?  I'd love to know.


Michelle said...

I like these finds and would have picked them up myself!

Cindie said...

those are great finds!

haven't had that problem with blogger but have others with pictures not loading, but it's been working again the past couple of months........

KarenB said...

Cute! I love them. They are pretty much how I pictured them. I had noticed that your photos have been flipped sideways. I'm usually on my iPad when I'm looking. I don't think mine have been doing that. So, I'm sorry that I have no answers for you. Google your question and you may find a discussion somewhere with a solution. It's worked sometimes for me in the past. I enjoyed lunch today. So fun to catch up. You won the challenge this time, that's for sure. I'm getting ready to drive back. Boo.

humphreycumfycushion said...

The towel rail and soapdish is gorgeous ... very French.

judith said...

Your blog looks perfect, I'm on my laptop. Don't worry about it, we'll read you even if we have to turn our heads side ways or upside down.

Love the finds! Very cute. I could use a little bin like that for clothes pins, it's perfect.

Roxie said...

Love those goodies. Are they china or metal?

I have no idea how to make Blogger behave. Your photos look ok on my screen.

Patty said...

Love your finds. They are so pretty in your home. I'm not experiencing blogger problems at this time but in the past when something has gone awry, I noticed it got fixed without me having to do anything.

Benita said...

Both of these look really handy - I know just where they'd go in my house. Hmmm... I need to go to an antique mall and have a look-see.

Art and Sand said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your little containers.

If I had the first one, I might put it in my creative space to hold jute with the beginning hanging out one of the holes.

Happy Sunday