Thursday, June 27, 2013


Ugh!  I'm frustrated! 
 I've run out of yarn before my project is anywhere near finished.
I've worked for weeks on this project.  

It's been a love/hate kind of project.
Easy yet hard in that the openness of it makes it hard to see any mistakes
until a row or three later.  Rip!  There has been a lot of frogging along the way!
But, I kept going because I loved the sample I saw weeks ago on the Yarnover Truck.

Here's my project draped over the back of a chair...
(Keep in mind that this is unblocked and would look different and much better after blocking)

I've been a bit worried about the length since I finished the first skein and saw how short it was at that point.  But, I kept hoping (dreaming) that I had enough yarn to make it big enough.  I kept looking at a project on Ravelry (which looks exactly like the one on the Yarnover Truck and says she used 
two skeins) and trying to believe it was going to work...with a little magic.

The sample I saw on the truck was the "increased width" and had a tag that said it needed
two skeins of the yarn used in the sample.  I bought two skeins.  However, at the end of my
two skeins, the shawl is barely over three feet long.  I know it will grow during blocking but
I really don't think it will grow nearly enough!  It really needs one more skein to work.

That's the problem.  The Yarnover Truck is usually in areas very far from where I live.
So, even if they did have a skein left over of this exact color and dye lot (which would be
surprising with the amount of business they do), I'd have to drive hours to get it.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this project.  It's way too short to use.  
But, I put so much time and work into it.  I guess I'll just put it in time out
until I'm ready to frog it completely and use the yarn for another project.  Ugh!

P.S. I've received a couple comments about contacting the Yarnover Truck for more yarn.
I came close to doing that but I've spent so much money on this project already
 and I'm not sure I love it enough to spend more.  I'm not even sure I'm willing to make it
 in a narrower version with the yarn I have because it wasn't very fun to crochet.
Maybe I'll feel a bit differently after some time away from it.


Judy S said...

Oh Cheryl that is so frustrating!!! Can you contact the Yarnover Truck and see if they have the dyelot you need and maybe mail it to you???

On a silver lining side of things, it looks beautiful even in the unblocked state :-)

judith said...

OH Cheryl, I have sung this song so many times. I'm even working on a Noro project that doesn't look like I'm going to have enough to finish and I'm going by the official Noro pattern that came with the yarn! So aggravating... Can you contact the Truck just to ease your mind, they may have one skein left.

Sel and Poivre said...

"Ugh!" is right!

Benita said...

Block it before you frog it. You never know what the "magic in the water" will turn it into.

Roxie said...

Oh crap! I HATE it when that happens! Block the sucker and see how you like it. Maybe there's something in your stash that could be added to the ends to make it long enough. Sometimes, even a long fringe will do the trick.

September Violets said...

Oh dear, a nasty way to end a project ... the design is beautiful! I wonder is there a way to add a wide border in a slightly different shade? I see so many shawls with very detailed lace trim that are really nice. I hope you can save the shawl and all your hard work. Otherwise, a nice glass of wine might be in order for the frogging moment. Wendy

kathyinozarks said...

oh no so sad when I read this. I do agree with a couple of the suggestions though-some long gorgeous fringe-perhaps half of it tied in a lace pattern, or find a color yarn to match to add to both ends. it is a gorgeous pattern. I love the long fringe idea the best or if not that would it work as a scarf on a pretty dresser top?

Vicki Boster said...

Oh dear---- you've been given lots of great suggestions-- but I'd put it up and think a bit. From this side of the fence--- it's gorgeous-- the color- the stitch-- just gorgeous. It's a serious investment I know- both time and cost. I vote to buy the yarn and finish it---

I feel your frustration-- we've all been there:)

Anonymous said...

Aww, that stinks doesn't it?! As Vicki just said in the above comment, we've all been there... but it is lovely and the color is gorgeous! Time-out is probably a good idea to have a good think!
Beth P

KarenB said...

I'm so sorry that you're suspicions were correct! I agree with so many of the suggestions. Contact the yarn truck. You love the pattern and the color. I do however really like the idea of adding a lighter shade to the ends. Check first for another skein. If you wait, you really won't have a chance to get any. Just take this off of your list of projects to get finished. I won't tell anyone. It will be our little secret. :-)