Monday, June 10, 2013

Pretty Penelope

Our little Penelope is growing up fast!
She's almost seven months old already!
Seems like just yesterday that she was a tiny kitten.

I haven't tried to weigh her lately but I know she's grown a lot
She's been slowly loosing her kitten features and looking more and more like a big girl.

We love her so much and we're so glad we picked her!  She seems very grateful that we picked her too.  She gives us lots of kisses and she's the most loving kitty we've ever had.  She likes to start each and every day with snuggle time before we get out of bed.  She likes to gaze into my eyes and put her paw on my face while I rub her belly and back.  So cute!  And, she likes to be next to us or in the same room just about all the time.  She even loves our doggy, Salsa.  They love to play and chase each other.  Penelope likes Salsa's bed too.  She'd probably snuggle up with Salsa but Salsa's isn't quite sure she likes that.  So, she always gets up and lets Penelope have her huge bed while she lays on the floor.  Pretty funny!  

We love our little furry family members!
They put smiles on our faces every day and warmth in our hearts.  


Judy S said...

Congrats on 7 months of cuteness! I hope she gives you years of more of the same!

lynn cockrell said...

Penelope is adorable!

Susan said...

What a beautiful kitten!

Cindie said...

oh my - look at those pretty soft pink kitty pads - she looks like a sweetie - so glad you found her.

thewovenspoke said...

What a beautiful cat/kitten she has personality .

Regine Karpel said...

Awww... How cute!

Benita said...

And that's how cats take over the world! :)

She has such a pretty smile.

Sel and Poivre said...

I've been meaning to ask for an update on Penelope! I was wondering how she was doing. Any more issues with heights?

Roxie said...

What a heartbreaker! I'm so glad you and Penelope have found one another. And thanks for sharing the photos, too. They brighten my day.