Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pickle Time

I've been watching more cooking programs lately in an attempt to get inspired and find new things to spice up the menu around here. In doing so, I've seen various versions of refrigerator pickles and thought they'd be fun to try.

I searched through online recipes to find one that I liked both the method and ingredients. Unable to find exactly what I wanted, I winged I often do. I sliced and layered cucumbers, sliced onions, and roughly chopped garlic into a jar. While I was doing that, I had a pan heating on the stove with the vinegar, garlic, salt, sugar and spices.

The cucumbers, onions, and garlic filled the jar to the top. But, when I added the liquid, they floated up and left some space at the bottom. If this works out, I'll pack it all in tighter next time. After I poured the liquid in, I put the cap on and left the jar to sit on the counter for a few hours before placing it in the fridge.

In a couple of days we get to try them. I can't wait! I hope they're as yummy as they look!

Have you ever tried making refrigerator pickles? How did it go? I'd love to hear about it. :-)


bspinner said...

Pickles look so yumy!!!! I haven't canned any in years.

Sandra said...

I love pickles - I usually make garlic dills - the old fashioned way, not refrigerator style - but I've made fridge ones, and they're great! Can't wait to hear how your's turned out.