Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fiber Fiesta

I love living in Southern California and I love fiber arts. However, fiber events seem to be scarce here. In the rare event that we do have a fiber event and I find out about it, I try to go. One of those rare fiber events occurred about a week ago at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California. It was called the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta and admission and parking were free.

The event was small but there was a variety of things available for sale...fiber and roving, yarn, tools, jewelry, clothing, bags, etc.

The weather was sunny and quite warm. It was a good thing most of the vendors had shade covers.

Unfortunately, this vendor didn't have a shade cover and they got pretty hot and sun burned. But, the yarns did look pretty in the sun.

These caught my eye. They hold scraps of yarn that birds can use to build their nests.

This was my favorite booth. They had wood tools and triangle looms. I've been fascinated with triangle looms for a while and it was a lot of fun to finally see how they work. I just couldn't justify spending a couple hundred dollars on one though because I reallllly don't need more shawls and I'm not sure I'd like to wear or even give away the style you make with these. But, they sure look fun to weave!

This booth would have been hard to miss. The vibrant color of these silk cocoons really stood out.

Aren't they gorgeous?! I think the vendor said she dyes them herself.

She even showed me some silk worms. I thought this was fascinating. She was so nice to answer my questions...like...what do they eat? She said they like mulberry leaves but since she doesn't have any, she gets them "mulberry chow". Who knew there was such a thing?!

Here they are a little closer.

There were a few alpacas. So cute!

There is a "Weavers Barn" on the property with over 50 looms that weavers use on a regular basis.

It was interesting to see the many kinds of looms they have.

This sure is a long loop of pattern bars on this dobby loom!

Here's a peek, looking up and inside the same dobby loom.

I was amazed at how many looms they have. This is looking from the back of the barn looking toward the front.

They even have a collection of spinning wheels perched above some colorful handwoven items on display.

Many of the looms were warped and had projects on them. I really like this one...

They even had looms outside!

There was an area to gather for spinning. I even brought my wheel. Unfortunately, the spinning area was mostly in the sun and it was quite hot. So, I passed on that.

I'm not sure if they had any food or drinks available but it sure would have been nice. They had live music...

It was pretty hot that day and I didn't stay very long. But, I did wander around a bit to see some of the other things at the museum before I left. They have a lot of old and interesting steam engines...


Buildings and little gardens...

Old signs...

A big windmill...so pretty against the blue sky.

There was even a gem and rock event going on in another building. It was also free.

Of course, since this was a fiber event, I had to wear my sheep shoes!


jomamma said...

Looks like a lot of fun. The suet rack full of yarn for birds is a great idea. I will have to try that. It's a little neater than just tossing my scraps out the back door.

I agree, your crocheted shawls are so much nicer that anything you could get off a Tri-loom. I love those shoes!

Benita said...

You could have dropped me off in the weaving barn and left me for the day. Goodness what a treasure trove of looms!

I adore the sheep shoes!! Did you get many comments on them?

vicki said...

Cheryl - I LOVE fiber festivals - I could have just stayed all day there with you! What a perfectly wonderful day you had. (I've never seen silk worms before!)

Those sheep shoes are the total package!! love them girlfriend!!


Judy S said...

Cheryl your post has gotten me so excited for this year's fest! Michelle is going to have a booth and has asked me to help because I do so many trade shows.
And I LOVE your sheep shoes :-)