Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bittersweet Deals

Yarn shops are so much more than a place to buy supplies. They're a place for inspiration, learning, friendships, fun and a place to go to feel good. They can become such an important and special place in our lives. Finding out that your favorite yarn shop is going to close can make that even more clear.

The owner of Knit N Stitch in Riverside, California is retiring in a couple of weeks and the store that I know and love will be closing. It's become my favorite yarn shop for lots of reasons. I remember going there with my mom when I was a kid (the shop had a different owner at that time). I've always felt so welcome there and the ladies make everyone feel so special. I love that! It's like a home away from home.

When I first heard the news that it was going to close, I was shocked and sad. I ran out that evening and bought some lottery tickets, hoping so much that I could win so I could buy the shop and save it. I didn't win. But, there's good news...it's going to remain a yarn shop! The yarn shop down the street, Designer Handknits, will be remodeling and moving in. Yay! It's been a yarn shop for so long that I think it would be so sad if it went away totally. The thought of that happening chokes me up. I'm so glad that this landmark yarn shop will live on and that I'll continue to see the wonderful ladies I've gotten to know and love! :-)

The Knit N Stitch retirement sale began yesterday and many of us were there bright and early to take advantage of the 35% off sale.

I bought a little yarn. My daughter chose this beautiful Katia Collibri. I knitted a shawl with it last year and loved the results. Since then, I saw a project on Ravelry where someone had woven with it. It was really cool! I'm thinking of trying it with these...

I couldn't resist this CoolSpun Cotton in Baby Pink, White, and Apple Green. I've been working on some ideas to use this with some of my Sugar N Cream collection.

This is one of the first things I wanted to find out about when I arrived yesterday. It's a wicker body to display sweaters, scarves, shawls, whatever. I'm excited to have it because it's a piece of Knit N Stitch and because it might be a great prop for project photos. It was a great deal too...only $3!

I bought a few knitting tools. I got some needles for a knit project I'm about to start (Yup, I haven't forgotten about knitting during my recent crochet frenzy! lol), a 16" size 10 1/2 circular and 10 1/2 double point needles. I got a clicker counter that I think will be very handy and fun to use. I splurged on a pair of size 13, Lantern Moon Rosewood needles. They're something that I normally wouldn't buy because of the price but this was a special event and the sale made them more affordable. They're soooo pretty!

And, I bought this cute little set of rosewood cable needles in a little woven pouch. It seems like the little grooves might make them very nice to use, adding a little grip action to hold the stitches on.

We got a few more great deals at the sale yesterday too. My daugther bought an oval mirror with an ornate frame for $5. She's planning to paint the frame and use it in her shabby chic decor. She got several nice notebooks with clear pockets for fifty cents each that she can use to organize her ever growing collection of harp music. And, I got a clipboard for fifty cents to hold patterns that I'm working on. Instead of a big clip that could catch on my yarn, it has a curved wire that I think will work out well.

I had a special suprise yesterday when one of the ladies brought me a stack of crochet books. She's been going through her supplies and organizing and thought I'd enjoy these. She's so sweet!

I'm especially excited about this one. It has so many beautiful edgings in it that I haven't seen in other books. I'm excited to try some out!

I've been driving to Riverside a lot more often the past few weeks to enjoy every moment I can with the wonderful ladies in Knit N Stitch and enjoy the shop before it closes. There will be an Open House on August 13th and 14th, the final two days. I plan to be there!

I'm going to miss Knit N Stitch so much! But, I'm so glad that it will still be a yarn shop, a place to gather, to learn, to create, and to enjoy the company of wonderful people.


jomamma said...

That's so sad... I can't imagine my LYS closing. The owner of The Woolie Ewe has been in business forever! She was good friends via phone with my Aunt Shorty, their yarn shops traded yarn for many years before they finally met when we moved to the Dallas area and I brought my aunt down from Oklahoma for a visit.

Sue and her daughter Jill are the greatest. They never try to sell me any yarn, knowing that I have closets of Aunt Shorty's stash that she gave me when she move to Key West before passing away. They are always so helpful and willing to redesign some of my project to make them better. I would be truly heartbroken if they were not here. I think if I ever wanted to open my own shop in another part of Texas they would help me get it started. They are just that nice. I guess that's what years of knitting does for you... it makes you a kinder, gentler person.

Benita said...

We had a lovely shop called The Golden Thimble here locally that closed a few years ago. The final evening they were open, they invited all their lucky customers to come in and take whatever they wanted for free. I still will pull out some yarn to use and think loving thoughts of that place. Their free yarn has gone on to cloth and blanket quite a few people.

I know you will miss them, but the memories of them will linger when you use those items you bought. And I recognize the cable needles. I've been drooling over them in my LYS.

Anonymous said...

I got a great magazine rack today for.....1.00 I think it will be perfect in the closet for my patterns.