Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm trying to find a word to describe my week and just can't settle on one. It was busy, wonderful, fun, surprising, productive, lazy, shocking, sad, and fabulous all rolled into one. I guess the word "weird" might work.

A few highs and lows of my week...

Busy and Productive - I finished another shawl and it's so gorgeous. I can't wait to block it and blog it. Maybe I'll actually find some time this week to do that. I hope.

Busy and Sad - I've been dealing with some stuff with my parents. They've been going through some tough stuff with my dad's brother and his failing health. Plus, my parents are starting to show signs of some age related stuff themselves. It's a little scary and sad. They've also had some car problems that I had to help them with...a toasted transmission, for one. It's fixed now.

Shock and Sadness - One of our next door neighbors passed away from a massive heart attack. He seemed healthy and he was only 52. This has been such a shock. He was such a nice man. He left behind his wife and 20 year old son. So sad. He will be missed.

Surprising and Wonderful - It's been cool to see how our neighborhood has come together over the death of our neighbor. We know some of our neighbors but this is the kind of neighborhood that we push a button, the garage door opens, we drive in, push the button again and go in our houses. We talk but it's not daily. Seeing how we all come together when we need to is wonderful

Fun and Fabulous - We went to a family reunion yesterday in the local mountains. It was a fabulous day. It was great to see family members that we rarely see and enjoy the cool, clean air and beauty of the mountains.

Productive, Busy, Lazy, Fun - The weather is so nice today and we're enjoying having all of our windows open, listening to music, and spending a leisurly day, doing this and that. Hubby went biking this morning and worked one of our cars this brakes. My daughter did some cleaning this morning and is now painting a mirror frame for her room. I've been doing things around the house...including, processing herbs from our garden to use during the winter. I'm trying to start early enough to have plenty. Now, I think I'll go sit down and do a little knitting and try to absorb all that has happened this week before we move on to a fresh, new week...and, hopefully, not another weird one.

Wonderful - I like to try and have at least one picture in each of my blog posts. The picture at the top is an Amaryllis flower that use to belong to my grandmother. The bulbs are still making flowers 35 plus years later. Amazing!


Erin said...

Aww Cheryl, that is so sad about your neighbor! :( I'm glad the other neighbors all came together. What a very emotional weekend indeed. I love the photo you chose, and it is so amazing that the one bulb is still producing flowers. How beautiful!

Michelle said...

It sounds like one of those full circle weeks. I have one every few years and it just reminds me how lucky I am to be able to enjoy my emotions. Life is funny how easy it is to fall into a rutt, weeks like yours pull us out. Thank you for sharing your week....
By the way it was nice to meet and talk with you on Thurs. night,

KarenB said...

That is amazing. I can't keep them alive over the holidays! Sounds like a crazy week. Now on to the new one. Hopefully this week will all be wonderful. Maybe we'll knit on Wednesday?

Benita said...

Life in all its variety.

I am sorry about the loss of your neighbor. 52 is WAY too young to die.

Glad you got to have fun at your family reunion.

I can't wait to see your newest creation.