Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knitting Goggles?

My current knitting project has me wondering if I need to get some goggles for knitting! Every time I work on it, little fibers get in my eyes. Ugh!

When I used Lamb's Pride before it was just wool. This one has mohair in it and I think that could be the problem. Next time, I'm sticking to wool! Luckily, this is a small project and should be completed very soon. It's a little felted bowl with needle felted sheep on it.


KarenB said...

it's really coming along! There are some wools that make me sneeze when I knit with them. Unfortunately, I just never know which ones.

Benita said...

Awwww... Little felted sheep! I love it!

So far, I have no allergies to any of the fiber I use (knock on wood), but my friend cannot be anywhere near hemp. I've seen her eyes turn red and swell up faster that you can say Hemp is not Marijuana.

Anonymous said...

How precious! I LOVE the bowl!