Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Sugar, A Little Cream, A Little Fun.

I love Sugar N Cream yarn! I love the colors. I love that it's cotton. I love that it's cheap. I love it so much that I have lots of colors of it in my stash. There's one color I didn't have that I've been watching for and I finally found a ball of it a couple of weeks ago. It's not bright and cheerful or very's natural ecru and it's beautiful because of that.

I also found a little Leisure Arts doily pattern booklet and decided to try one of the patterns, "Vanity Fair", with this yarn and a large "H" hook. I loved the designs and shapes in this pattern but it turned out to have a lot more texture than I liked, especially with bulky yarn. So, I did a lot of modification to get the same design but in a flatter, smoother version.

I changed out the popcorns and clusters with half doubles or trebles pulled together at the top, and front post stitches with regular stitches.

I think it looks nice on the craft studio table where it can be used as a placemat for snacks or a coaster for a drink, a pad for my laptop, or just to look pretty.


Sandra said...

it is very pretty. And Sugar and Cream is one of those workhorse yarns - always useful, always needed.

Benita said...

That's Sugar 'n Cream? Wow! I love that stuff!!

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful! It looks great!!

Must learn to crochet!