Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stashin' and De-Stashin'

I love yarn! But, having a big stash of it is not my thing. I like to keep my stash down to a minimum and I try to be careful about what and how much yarn I buy. There are times when I'll buy yarn just because it's beautiful but that's rare and I try to have some possible projects in mind before I make the final decision to buy some. So, my stash has been really small compared to the size of so many other knitters and crocheters that I've talked to. But, it's still been larger than I wanted. So, I've been working hard on trying to use up a lot of it this last year or so. I recently went through all my yarn and found that I only have one storage tub of whole skeins or large enough amounts left for projects and one tub of left overs from projects. Yay! My crochet lace shawl frenzy has helped a lot. I'd like to get my good stash down to half a tub or less. I'm not sure what to do yet with all the leftovers... maybe some more freeform projects or magic yarn balls.

Yesterday I ran into a little snag... was a sale. Could I have ignored it? Probably. Did I? Nope. How could I?...all the sock yarns were 40% off! And, right now, I've got an addiction...crochet lace shawls...and I need yarn to support my habit...and I was low on sock yarn...and Christmas is coming...and the colors were pretty...and, did I mention that it was 40% off?! Ok, I was weak...but isn't it pretty???! More shawls are on the way! :-)


Lenora said...

That yarn needed a good home. You'll foster it for a while, fancy it up a bit, and have it adopted by a loving family.

Benita said...

One tub of yarn? And you want to whittle it down to half a tub? Then I turn and look at my wall full of yarn, the yarn overflowing from the table, the 7 fleeces still to be washed and the two HUGE boxes of prepared fiber for sale. And that doesn't count the closet of spinning fiber in my bedroom that is my own personal stash. At this rate, I'll never get it down to one tub - unless that tub is the size of my garage! :)


One tub?? really, even before the loom find which just shot the yarn stash beyond comprehension, I'm guilty of stashing what the hubby claims will never be woven or knitted through in a thousand years! Yes, he's dramatic.