Thursday, July 15, 2010

South Bay Shawlette

I just couldn't resist making another "South Bay Shawlette". I made one a couple of weeks ago in purple and called it my "Lupine Shawlette". It turned out so pretty and friends who have seen it love it. So, I offered to make one for a local yarn shop, Daily Fiber, for use as a display.

This one is made with a size "I" crochet hook and a ball of Berocco Sox yarn. I absolutely love the colors!

When I made the "Lupine Shawlette" I didn't see the final edge row on the pattern and left it off. I left it off by choice on this one. It's a row of single crochets and slip stitches around the entire shawl. I think it would look too thick and bulky and take away from the pretty, delicate edge. I don't think I would have had enough yarn for it on either shawl anyway.

This yarn is a bit scratchy and, like many Berocco yarns I've used, I experienced knots! Ugh! There were four breaks in the yarn with knots in this one ball. Because of that and having to leave tails to weave in, I lost some yardage and this one is a bit smaller. It is long enough though...50" wide at the top.

All the blues and greens are so pretty!

I have a feeling that this won't be my last "South Bay Shawlette". The pattern is just so pretty and fun to make.


Sandra said...

you REALLY want me to start crocheting shawls, dont you? You keep showing these beautiful items and you KNOW i'm going to start one...
Good to know about the Berroco Sox - knots annoy the hell out of me, so I wil probably avoid this yarn.

Benita said...

I really like the transition of colors on this one. It's subtle, but give a lot of depth to the color. I liked the purple one, too, but I think I like this one better. Sorry about the knots. I hate it when that happens.