Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping in Sedona

One of the things I was really looking forward to in Sedona was shopping. I'd heard that it was great and that there were lots of artists. But, I had anticipated a much different kind of place than what I found. I thought Sedona was small and down to earth. Turns out it's pretty big with lots of expensive homes and galleries amongst touristy shops selling clear acrylic cactus' and other trinkets that I'm not interested in. We had to go off the beaten path and main shopping areas to find great stores. We didn't find a lot but the ones we found were great.

First, and most important...Yarn! I went to "The Sedona Knit Wits". The shop just re-opened with a new owner. She's really nice and the layout of the yarns was fantastic. They're organized by color and in a way that really works. She has a great selection with wonderful lace weight yarns and so many gorgeous colors of other yarns. She even has yarns that are hand-dyed in Arizona. If I had the money, I would have come home with bags full of yarn. But, I am on a budget...and, I'm trying to de-stash. So, I picked out one of my favorites. It's Ella Rae, Lace Merino and the color makes a perfect souvenir from looks like the surrounding red rocks. It's soooo pretty in person.

Another great shop was "The Victorian Cowgirl". The window displays caught our eye and we had to go in. The clothes are all custom designed by the owner and made in the shop. They're gorgeous! She even makes clothes for people from far away that can't make it to her shop. She sends a form for measurements and makes a trial piece that she sends to try on and adjust. She had gorgeous, Victorian and western type gowns along with lots of great pieces that fit perectly into 2010 and things that even go great with jeans (the most important clothing in my closet!). The prices seemed reasonable for beautiful, custom clothing. We loved her work!

Another great little find was "The Hummingbird House". It's in a National Historic Site that looks like a cute little house but was once the first general store in Sedona. I wish it had a website to show you some of the great things they sell...cute things to decorate the home, handmade items, and so much more. It was fun!

Those shops were great but the important one was Big O Tires! We had a blow out on our trailer on the way to Sedona and had to get new tires. We were so happy to find Big O there and they were and out in less than 15 minutes! We got two new tires for the side of our trailer that seems to have been in the sun the most (it's a new-to-us, used trailer). We found out on the next leg of our trip, on the way to Colorado, that the trailer needed two more new ones on the other side...we had another blow out! Luckily, there was a great little tire shop/service station at the next offramp. Whew! Goes to show that a good tread doesn't mean a thing!

Next stop...COLORADO! :-)


jomamma said...

Awesome shops! Now you know why you see those Snow Birds with covers over their tires when they have the trailers parked. My parents kept their camper in a barn! Just to protect it from the Sun and hail.

Benita said...

Two blow-outs in one trip. Man!!

I love the yarn. Of course I hope you bought yarn in Colorado, too, so you can have lots of useful souveniers.