Monday, June 28, 2010

Devil's Bridge

One of our Sedona excursions included a rough...I mean ROUGH...dirt road treck to the trailhead of "Devil's Bridge". My husband had read about it and found out that it's one of or the only natural bridge left in America that people are allowed to hike onto. He wanted to be sure to grab that opportunity before it was gone.

We headed out in our 4x4 SUV in the direction that he thought it was and the road was bad. got even worse. It was so bad that I was ready to get out and walk! Some people abandoned their autos on the side of the road and did just that. All that bouncing and bumping was making me grumpy! At one point, I said that I thought we should just turn around because we weren't even sure if were going the right way. But, I knew that hubby reallllly wanted to find it. We stopped and asked some hikers who had abandoned their cars if we were going the right way. Their reply was, "I hope so...I think this goes to it". They obviously weren't sure either. We kept going and finally found a small parking lot at the trailhead. Unfortunately, due to poor parking skills of others who had gotten there earlier, there was no more room. So, we headed back down about a quarter mile or so and parked in a turnout. We put on our daypacks of water and other essentials and headed up. UP! My legs were already a bit tired from the climbing to see the Palatki ruins earlier that day. So, by the time we reached the last part of this trail to actually get up to the bridge, I decided to just rest in the shade of some of the big red rocks and wait for hubby and my daughter. Noodly legs wouldn't be safe.

I got to see the bridge from below. It's pretty...

Here's hubby and daughter on top of the bridge. Another hiker took the picture using my daughter's camera. She's experimenting with settings...that's why the color is different. What a great view!...

My rest and a little snack helped out a lot and made the hike back a lot better. Check out the view I had from under my shade rock...see the moon?...It's between the rock and the top of the can click the picture to enlarge it...

I'm glad we kept going. It was a fun adventure.

Next in Sedona and YARN! ;-)

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