Monday, June 7, 2010

Lullaby Doggie

My daughter is a harpist and I'm lucky to hear live and amazing harp music just about everyday. I think our pets love it too. I've posted pictures on here before to show our cat watching and enjoying my daughter's music. This time, it's our doggie's turn.

We have an Airedale Terrier with lots of energy but it's not uncommon for her to calm down when my daughter plays her harp. Last night was no exception when she decided on a front row seat, right in front of the harp...

She not only calmed down and relaxed, she fell asleep!

Now for a hairbrushing session...she was having a bad hair day. lol


Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful music for your beautiful dog (even on an alleged bad hair day!)


Benita said...

I love harp music! And I agree with the dog, it is very relaxing.