Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Ramblings

I'm still here. Really, I am. I've attempted to make a blog post for over a week but just haven't had the inspiration or things to blog about. Here's why...

1. I've been busy. Yet, I feel like I've been accomplishing very little. It's all have-to kind of stuff. Not the fun stuff I really want to do....knitting, weaving, sewing, spinning, etc. Each day, I set out to get the "have-to" stuff done with plans of heading to the studio by mid-day to "create". But, the cleaning, errands, laundry, and to-do lists keep growing and going on and on. By the time I have a little spare time, I'm too tired. Ugh!

2. My husband and daughter and I went to Road Runner Sports a couple of weeks ago (they have great prices) and got new trail running shoes. Yay! That's been on the to-do list for too long. New shoes were long over due and they are ohhh sooo nice and comfy! We've been hitting the trails for our workouts...on the days that we're not using the treadmill or neighborhood sidewalks and trails. We're trying to be more consistent with exercise and we're eating lots more fruits, veggies and organic, healthy food. The scale still isn't where I want it. It's surprising how hard it is to take off 10-15 pounds. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be if I had to lose 50 or more. It goes so slow! Just when I get excited about a few pounds lost....a couple are gained back. I still want to lose about 10 more.

3. During those 'I'm too tired to do anything else today' moments...I've rewarded myself with a little TV. Have any of you been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I'm still in shock from an early episode where he went into an elementary classroom with a bunch of different fruits and veggies and the kids didn't know what any of it was! Not even a tomato or a potato! That is so sad! And, the school was feeding the kids pizza for breakfast!!! All I can say is, "wow"! Can't wait to see future episodes to see what happens.

4. It is spring but I think the weather isn't quite sure what to do. It'll be semi-warm for a few days and then it goes back to wintery, blustery, and cold! Ugh! This solar powered girl really needs her sunshine and warm temps! I'm done with winter!

5. Shake, rattle, and roll. We didn't feel the big quake last Sunday that was in Mexico...probably because we were outside and the wind was we didn't even hear it. But, a lot of people did. I've grown up here and been through a lot of them. We have them all the time but we don't feel most of them. However, we have been feeling and hearing a lot of quakes this past year. We've been woken up by a lot of small and noisy ones. It's been making me a bit nervous. We haven't had a large one in a long time and we're probably due for one. Yikes, huh?! And, now, after all the big ones that keep happening around the world, I'm feeling a bit nervous. A wake up call to be sure we're prepared!

I reallly want to find time to be creative! I really do. I'm hoping it'll be very soon. Warm temps would definitely help. Trouble's suppose to cool down again this next week. Ugh! But, I'm reallllly hoping to have some interesting things to post about again very soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.


KarenB said...

Doesn't warm weather make you want to go out into the garden instead of sitting in your studio or at your desk or in your armchair creating? A pretty day makes me want to go out, but then when I have the time, there are so many to-do's around to distract me. I just need DISCIPLINE!!!!!

See you tomorrow,

jomamma said...

I need my solar power too, but the wind keeps blowing me back inside. Glad you guys had no ill effects from the shake-up.


Well, for someone who didn't have anything to post, you sure got alot on your plate! LOL.. I get the life gets in the way of creative efforts, I have many of those days! I hope you get to have some fibery fun soon. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

Sometimes it feels like the need to do stuff always overwhelms the want to do stuff!