Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't Disturb the Cat!

It's funny...often, when I want to use a chair in our house, our cat, Duchess, is sitting in it. She's almost always in the office chair when I want to use the computer. She's always on the couch when I want to sit there. And, lately, she's always in the chair by my spinning wheel when I want to spin...

I often sit on the edge of the desk chair or pick her up and put her on my lap because I don't like to make her get off. I'm not sure those solutions would work very well for spinning.

She also likes to sleep on the bed, leaning on my pillow! So, I have to disturb her when I want to go to bed too! What a funny girl! I sure love her though! I can't imagine a house without a cat. A cat helps to make a house a home! :-)


Dave Daniels said...

Beautiful photo of her. She sounds like my Miss Lulu, she's always in my chair when I'm ready to sit, and on my loom bench when I want to weave. Hmmm....maybe they are sending hypnotic thoughts to get us to do those things so we can be near them??

jomamma said...

She looks like our Ellie Mae, we miss her. She sat on my knitting one time, only one time... I told her "Ellie you can sit anywhere but on the kitchen counter, the table or my knitting." And as far as I know she did as I asked. We really believed that she understood English. I'm sure when we all left for work she was having a field-day laying all over everything. Oh well, we'll keep believing.