Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I don't have any new crafty things to blog about today. And, to be honest, I've been feeling a bit down and I'm lacking in motivation and enthusiasm for much of anything lately. I think it may have a lot to do with the never ending winter that we're having. My husband told me yesterday that he has noticed how I kind of slow down when the weather is cold and dreary. And, that's exactly what it is right now. Ugh! We thought winter was over and the warm weather was here to stay for a while but we were wrong. We've been getting wintery storms again. We do need the rain though...and I have been able to use my rain boots. :-) I haven't stopped doing things all together, I'm just doing them a LOT slower! Here are some things I've been up to...

1. I've been spinning just about everyday. It's going rather well too. I'm especially happy with how plying is going. I tried a different way of doing it and it not only works better but it's more fun and my last skein hangs totally straight. I've read that means it's "balanced". Yay! I'm working on finishing up the "Hollyberry" yarn I started last year. I hope to have it finished soon and blog it.

2. I've stalled on my vest. I got the shoulder seams sewn but I still haven't found out if I should tie knots. Although, I probably will. I haven't found the courage to pick up the vest and try to pick up stitches for the ribbed neckline. I really have no idea what I'm doing. I've thought about taking a trip to Knit N Stitch to see if they can help me...they're usually really great about that. But, it's not a short drive and going there for a little knitting will take most of a day. I just haven't dedicated a day for it yet.

3. Walking? Not so much. It's been too rainy for the trails and the treadmill can be dreadfully boring sometimes. Although, it does provide guilt free television viewing time. I really need to be consistent if I'm ever to lose these 10-15 pounds. But, I really think that sunshine will be very helpful in this venture!

4. Speaking of television...there are a couple of shows that I've been watching lately that are a lot of fun. I've been interested for a long time in herbs and, also, the idea of wild food. These two shows go right along with that. They are both on the Veria channel. One is called "What a Relief" and each episode focuses on a health issues, various herbs to use as remedies, and demonstrates how to use the herbs in teas, rubs, tinctures, etc. The other one is called "Hot on the Trail" and the host, Sunny Savage, travels North America in search of wild and edible foods. Each show focuses on one thing (like acorns), tells the history of it, nutritional and healing values, she harvests it, and then cooks a meal with it, outside. Fun! Have you seen these shows? I love the Veria channel!

5. Spring cleaning...We've been going through things around the house and pulling out stuff that we no longer like or need. I'm giving away our 109 year old piano, finally. It doesn't work and, even though it's pretty, the only thing we really use it for is to display our Christmas village on during the holidays or to display things for photos I use on my blog and Ravelry. I'm also getting rid of an old dresser and a whole antique bedroom set. I found a home for the piano and old dresser. Our neighborhood is having a yard sale this Saturday and I'm hoping to sell the set then. When all of these things are gone, we have lots of projects planned for the empty spaces. Can't wait!

Well, it's stillll raining. I think I'll go make another cup of Rooibus tea and then get back to spinning. Have a warm and wonderful day! Thanks fo stopping by and visiting. :-)


jomamma said...

It's raining here this morning too. At least it's not the cold dreary kind you are having... severe storms. But it is Texas in April, that's expected.

I've knitted for 12-13 years now and had no desire to spin fiber. Is something wrong with me?

Hope you are able to get out and walk soon. I'd rather take a sharp stick in the eye than walk on a tread mill. And I have just the sticks to do it.

Sandra said...

My moods definitely shift with the weather as well. And cold a dreary does t ome what it does to you - slows me right down.
We were right on board for spring, now it's chilly again. Sigh.

Sel and Poivre said...

I usually get to feeling as you describe as our light fails late in the fall. This year we had such a sunny bright winter I didn't experience it at all - light and bright can make such a difference! Hang in there. (At least you're in California already - where we Canadians dream of going when we're feeling as you are!)

evergreenknits said...

I've been feeling kind of down and moody too ... I can't pin down the reason though! (work pressure + frustration with my current crafting, I think).

Thanks for recommending those fascinating shows. I'm definitely going to look them up myself!