Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been whining on here lately about some knitting projects that just seem to keep going and going and no matter how much I work on them they don't seem to be nearing completion. Don't get me wrong, I looooovvve knitting on them but FO's help keep some of the excitement going. So, yesterday my goal was to finish something. I just had to start something new to get one since all my other projects want to hang around a while longer. I had wanted to make some kind of "sweater" for my new coffee press (to help keep the coffee warm) and had some ideas rolling around in my head. I did a quick search on Ravelry and found a project that was pretty much what I had imagined. I used it for inspiration and got to work. Here is the result...

It has little buttons to hold it on...

This quick little project definitely doesn't provide the same uplift that the ones I'm working on will but it is nice to have a little accomplishment.

I had an "ah ha" idea this weekend that sort of gave me another FO. Earlier this year I had spun up some yarn to make a bag. The spinning went fine. The knitting went fine. The felting part...not so fine. Felting has usually gone well for me but this bag did it's own thing. It shrank down in height a LOT (more than usual) and got a LOT wider (this has never happened). Very weird! I had spent some time trying to think of a way to save the project, to make it different than originally planned but finally decided to pack it away for a while until I could come up with something. This weekend, I did! A cat bed! I folded down the sides, presented to the cat, she hopped in, and it was love at first nap...well, bath...that's the first thing she did in it, but she loves it. Yay! Another FO!

I think she actually likes this bed more than the one I made that was meant as a cat bed. The sides stay up better on this one and the size is purrrfect for her! I knitted a big rectangle, picked up stitches around the edge, and knitted sides...then it felted into a bed instead of a bag. I had planned to needle felt something onto the sides, add a fabric lining with lots of pockets and make it into a great project bag...but I think I like it better as a bed. :-)

Back to work on my sock and shawl projects!

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Sel and Poivre said...

Wow you really didn't waste any time on that cozy idea for the French Press. It looks great and I love the buttons!

I also love the felted fabric! What a great mix of greys and white and the kitty looks sooo happy!