Friday, June 13, 2008

Pretty Colors!

Last month I found some yarn that I couldn't resist. It's a yarn that I've looked at for years and always thought I'd buy some...someday. But, now they have new colors that are so pretty and the price is amazing...only $1.69 at Michael's. It's Lily's "Sugar 'N Cream" cotton. I love cotton!

I bought a few colors and immediately started knitting some wash cloths. You can see them here. They're simple, but I think that makes them really nice. And, they're fun to make. I decided they would make great gifts. That gave me an excuse to buy more....and more! These are some of the colors that I picked up this last week when they were on sale for only $1. I can make two wash cloths with one, two ounce ball. That makes them a very affordable gift. I plan to add some nice soaps and such and I think they'll be great. It's a gift I'd love to receive. I just finished up two more last night in a variagated blue for my mom.

At one of the Michael's stores I was in last week I found big, 14 ounce balls of "Sugar 'N Cream" in different colors that were also really pretty. They had two that I especially liked. I just got this one for now. It's called "Cupcake". And, with my coupon it was only $4! I plan to make a shopping bag or two out of this. Isn't the color beautiful?! I love it!

Have a wonderful, colorful, yarn filled weekend! :- )


claudia said...

Hi Cheryl! I don't know why, but my emails to you keep bouncing back as undeliverable.

Great BAT/KAT job this week!

Sel and Poivre said...

Have you seen "BYOB" in the current issue of Knitty? I am definitely going to make a couple of them and now I know about a great cotton yarn I can use! Thanks for the reference!