Thursday, June 12, 2008

Card Crafting

Still busy. Still having fun. Still crafing. Today my daughter and I are crafting cards for some special days coming up. They always seem to come in groups. This time we need to make four father's day cards and two birthday cards. And, I may be crafting but knitting is always on my you can see with this card I'm making for my mom for her birthday. It was fun. I took a couple of toothpicks, filed the ends a bit and glued on some beads. I used some of my favorite warping cotton (I love it for dish towels) to knit a few rows (not easy to do with toothpicks!) and I made a couple hanks of yarn for the basket. I just have to come up with something clever to write on the inside. With the card I'm giving her some hand knitted wash cloths and a bottle of "Soul Soother Shower Gel" that smells reallllly good.

We're working on a card for my mother-in-law that's shaped like a bottle of wine. We're going to make a label that's special for her. The gift it will go with is a little flag and stand to put out by her patio that says "Wine a Bit", "You'll Feel Better". Perfect for her because she loves to have a glass of wine just about every night. And, she loves to have little cutesy things in her yard.

I can't show any of the the dad's day cards cuz there's a chance that hubby/dad might see them on here. We still have a couple more cards to design and make for Grandpas.

The background of this picture and of several other pictures I've posted in the past is the coffee table in our family room. It has handpainted flowers on the top and it seems to work out great for posing projects for pictures. I didn't think of that when we bought it. It was just a cheap table with the right colors. I liked it when we bought it. I love it now. :)

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