Friday, June 6, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Wow! This week has flown by so quickly. This is my daughter's first week of summer break and we've been so busy. I hope the whole summer doesn't go by this quickly. But I do hope it continues to be so fun and productive. We've been exercising every morning. Yay for us! That's a great accomplishment! We've also been busy sewing, knitting, and finishing up various little projects. The picture above is of some chenille rugs we wove earlier this year and I finally finished the edges of them and softened them up in the washer and drier. My daughter wove the one with pink for her room. It' looks great alongside her bed. It matches the many pillows and quilts she has. The green one is one that I wove for our bathroom. I've made quite a few. They make great mats for stepping on outside the shower. I've made longer ones too that are great for towels.

I'm really enjoying all the things we've been doing but I haven't been able to knit as much as I'd like. The days are entirely too short!!! None the less...I have gotten some done on my Crescendo Shawl. The pattern calls for size 13 needles which are entirely too large for the yarn I'm using. I started out with size 8 needles, a size that seemed perfect for the yarn, and I increased the amount of stitches to make up the difference to make it wide enough. I was excited that I was able to do it but it seemed a bit tight and was curling up a lot. The texture wasn't showing up as well as it could have with the dark blue I was using either. So, I tried size 10 needles with another color that I have of the same yarn and it looked a lot better. So, I decided to make it with this yarn and 10's. The texture shows up a lot better and it's sooooo soft (alpacca). It's not colorful but there are times when this color (or lack of) will work out great. It looks a lot better in person than in the picture. I'm having so much fun knitting this. And...I haven't used a single lifeline! Maybe I shouldn't say that. lol But, so far so good. I'm doing fine with the pattern. Yay!!!

I got a chance to work on my knitting needle case yesterday and it's coming along. I'm trying to figure out how I want to quilt it right now and I hope to have it done soon.

We have a busy weekend ahead. My daughter has SAT's in the morning. And, hubby is doing "Ride Around the Bear" tomorrow on his bike. It sounds crazy but he's really looking forward to it. It starts in Redlands and goes up the mountain to Big Bear, around the lake, and back down to Redlands. I think it's around 120 miles. He rode it a few years ago and loved it. I was amazed when he called me around 1:00 or 2:00 and said he was finished. Incredible! It would take me forever!!! I can't imagine climbing that mountain...especially in one day!!! While I wait for them I'll get time to knit! Fun!!!

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Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my gosh I am teetering on the verge of putting weaving on my list of sooner rather than later list and the sight of those mats has me swooning! I never even thought about using chenile to weave!