Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Finished Projects

I finished two more projects that I can count in my Create 52 challenge...

I made another needle felted drier ball.  Although, just like the last one, I'm thinking it might be too pretty to use for a drier ball.  It's supposed to be a mandala.  The outlining makes it look a bit like a stained glass design too.

This pair of socks is finally finished!  I started them a couple of years ago as a lesson to learn the toe up method.  However, the person that was teaching me wasn't very regular about coming to our stitch gatherings and then stopped altogether.  I thought about trying to figure it out on my own by using YouTube videos.  I was just frustrated with it and tired of it sitting around that I decided to just rip it out and make them the way I know how, cuff down.  I still might learn toe up someday.  In fact, I saw a different way of starting it recently that seemed a lot easier and more fun.  It uses circular needles instead of double point needles.

I'm now caught up with my challenge.  Yay!


Michelle said...

That ball is like a piece of art! Don't put it in the dryer. Too gorgeous!

Delighted Hands said...

yes, almost too pretty to use as a dryer ball! lol
The socks are really nice!