Friday, April 14, 2017

Color Pooling

The Create 52 Challenge is exciting and inspirational.  I've been finding all sorts of things I want to do, try, and make.  One of the things I found that really caught my curiosity is color pooling.

I researched it via Ravelry, Google, Instagram, and YouTube.  Then, I got some multi colored yarn and got started.  It took a couple of tries and I finally got it.  Keeping the pattern is all in knowing a little trick of making sure that when the color changes it's diagonal from that color change two rows down and by one stitch to the right.  That takes a lot of ripping out and crocheting tighter or looser to adjust where the color changes.  In short, it's fussy and not as fun as it would seem.  It is fun seeing the argyle pattern emerge.  But, this project is on hold for now just because it's not that fun.


Laurie said... sure is pretty! I've had projects like that, though. I just couldn't put my heart into them because they weren't turning out like I thought.

Susan said...

That is beautiful - and I love the colors. But...color pooling seems to have a little too much of the math thing going on for me. That requires more patience than I admit to having.

Delighted Hands said...

A very clever way to manipulate the outcome of those beautiful color changing yarns! Oh, go ahead and finish it!

Jo said...

That seems almost magical and it is very neat. Jo x