Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fine Details

My husband and I went up into the local mountains last weekend and camped.  We had looked forward to four days of relaxation and cooler temps.  The temps were cooler than at home but not anything like the cool mountain air we had hoped for.  We went mountain biking one morning but it was so scorching hot that I started feeling awful and we kept it short.  The only other exercise we got were a couple of short hikes and walks around the campground with the dog. When we got out and about from the campground, I played around a little with my new phone and snapped some pictures.  We found some plants with beautiful, feathery seeds.

  These were so pretty, glowing in the morning sun.
The fine details are amazing.

All the little swirls remind me of photos where the camera shutter
has been kept open and lights have moved about to draw swirly designs.

The feathery coverings on these seeds look even softer.
Click on the picture for a a better, closer look.

I'm not sure, but it might be some kind of milk weed. 
They're popping out of pods like this...

The soft, fluffy coverings on these seeds are longer and look like soft hair.
It appears that something on this plant must be quite tasty to these bright red bugs.

I'm impressed with the photos I took with my new Razor phone.  I was surprised to see how many features it has, including macro, zoom, various lighting and color options, etc.  It even has a feature that takes panoramic photos and it matches the scene as I turn and snaps automatically as needed.  And, I love how I can just tap the screen where I want it to focus.  I have a lot of playing and learning to do with it.  Not to mention LOTS of learning with the phone in general.  It's my first "smart" phone and I was very frustrated with it for the first few days.  I'm starting to get the hang of it now with the camera feature...I have a LOT to learn.

As for our long was a nice getaway.  Hubby did a lot of reading while I did a lot of knitting.  We enjoyed our time together along with good food, drink, and the beautiful scenery of the Idyllwild area.  It's one of my favorite local places.  I'm always amazed that it's only about an hour from home and so worth the drive every single time we visit.  

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Anonymous said...

First of all, those photos of all that fuzzy goodness are amazing and WHAT are those red bugs!! I LOVE It!! and second: Idyllwild?! is that a for real place? I keep saying "I love it" and I do. ...
Have a great week!