Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dust Ruffle Addition

My daughter's quilt is almost done!  I'm working on the final stage...hand stitching the binding.  I'm planning a marathon session today to try and finish it up.  I'm planning to visit her tomorrow and I'd love to give it to her and get to see it on her bed.

One of the things that was on our to-do list before she moved was to make a dust ruffle.  We spent some time thinking over the situation and playing with fabrics.  It turned out that the dust ruffle she had looked nice with the new quilt.  The only problem was that her bed was set up lengthwise against the wall and we'd made the dust ruffle to fit on the two short ends and one long side.  She was going to put the head of the bed against the wall in her apartment.  So, the dust ruffle wouldn't quite work.  It was a couple of feet short. Fortunately, we had just enough fabric to make an add-on section to make it work!  It was exactly enough.  We only had one small sliver of fabric left from trimming one side.  Amazing!

We worked together.  We measured.  I folded and pressed the seams.  And, she sewed.

We even had some gathering tape (not sure what the real name of it is) left.  
I love that stuff.  Simply sew it along the top and bottom edges and pull the cords!

It makes perfect gathers every time!

We took a picture before the quilt was finished.  It actually looks a lot better in person.
The colors work well together and the stripes are perfect.
All together, it has a vintage sort of feel and goes well with her sort of shabby chic style.

The original section of her dust ruffle was held in place with velcro.  We simply hot glued the scratchy side to the box spring, the soft side to the dust ruffle, and pressed it into place.  It works really well that way because it stays exactly where it's placed.  Unlike the kind that's sewn onto a piece of fabric that's sandwiched between the mattress and box spring.  They tend to shift around.  This also made it easy to adjust it to the new way she was going to place her bed.  We simply pulled the velcro off of the box spring, on the side we wouldn't need it didn't even leave a mark!  Then, we glued velcro to the sections that needed it, pressed the dust ruffle into place and voila!

She's so excited about her quilt!  I had the tying almost finished when she came home for the holiday weekend and she gasped in excitement.  Now, every time I talk with her on the phone,she asks how it's going.  She can't wait!  That sure puts a smile in my heart!  

Oh...and what a beautiful morning to sit and enjoy's 73 degrees and raining.  It feels, smells and sounds wonderful!  I have windows open so I can enjoy the peaceful sound, the wonderful smell, and the light breeze.  Ahhhhh!  I love summer rain!


Cindie Kitchin said...

I've never seen that gathering tape - I'm putting it on my list for next time I'm in the fabric store - what a find!

And I've never thought about using velcro for the dust ruffle - I'm always fighting with mine which have the thin fabric in-between the boxspring and mattress.

Love the dust ruffle with the quilt - the vintage cottagey look is perfect.

Benita said...

When I am ready to redo my room, Can you come out and help? :)

Sandra said...

the velcro idea is brilliant! just brilliant! I hate the fact that regular ones shift and move and get tucked up underneath sometimes - I"m a so going to use the velcro idea. I have tons of that gathering tape - my mome worked for a drapery supply years ago, and when they closed down she was given boxes of drapery gathering tape. 22 years later, I still have some!

Roxie said...

The striped dust ruffle with the patchwork quilt is inspired! So feminine and fresh and perfect with the shabby chic look. Pictures of the finished bed, please?