Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fabulous Find

Our dining room has been a music room for years.  It has been home to a piano, harps, various small instruments, music and supplies.  But, now that my daughter has gone off to college and taken her harp, it's looking a bit bare.  I think it's time to turn it into a dining room.  And, just last night, I was on the internet looking at dining tables and decorating inspiration.  I need and want to do it all on a very small and creative budget

Fast forward to this morning...hubby and I were headed to the gym for a workout but before we even got out of the neighborhood we spotted a yard sale that looked like it was worth stopping for.  I'm so glad we did!  We found this dresser, a matching mirror that attaches to the back, and a nightstand.  All for only $30!  The size was just what I was looking for to use as a buffet in our dining room.  I like the look, the details are really nice, and the price was great!  It took only seconds to decide we wanted it.  If we had gotten there any later, it probably would have already been sold.

After we bought it, we looked it over more and realized it was a high end brand...Henredon!

I know we got this for a good price even if it was a no name piece.  But, this changed everything.  This brand is quite expensive new.  The MSRP on a similar dresser is about $10,000.  But, used, it's still pricey.  I found some of similar size going for $600-$2500!  It's not all in the name either.  It's actually a good quality piece of furniture.  It's all solid particle board or plywood!  It's very well constructed with dove tail joinery, hardwood sides and bottoms for the drawers, nice hardware, and beautiful details.  I love the twisty details on the drawers.  So pretty!

It even has removable dividers in the top, center drawer.  Nice!

The mirror attaches to the back with two bars and the height is adjustable.
It also has hardware on the back for hanging it on the wall.

The fancy detail at the top of the mirror is metal, just like the drawer pulls.  Pretty!

I didn't really want the nightstand but they wanted to include it.  I may use it as a side table.
It even has a built in electric outlet on the inside of the cubby with a hole in the back to run the cord for a lamp or other electric item.  Nice!

There are some scratches that could probably be repaired and polished up but I'm planning to paint it.
I'm so excited!  The size is perfect and it's going to make a wonderful buffet!  The value of it all makes it even more exciting!  I have a feeling the owner didn't realize what she had.  Just like I didn't realize what I was getting until we got it home.  It's a level of furniture I normally couldn't afford...even used...except for this kind of deal.  I'm sure feeling lucky today!  But, most of all, I love it!


Frantic D said...

Oh no... Don't paint it!

Frantic D said...

Oh no... Don't paint it!

KarenB said...

Wow, FABULOUS deal! It's beautiful.

jomomma said...

I agree! Don't paint it! At least for quiet a few years. You can always turn around and sell it as an antique a few years from now and if it's painted you won't get what you paid for it. I'm betting if you look for this brand on Craig's List you'll see Henredon items priced much higher than what you paid. I would move it into a bedroom and keep looking for a buffet. I really like the drawer dividers. Sell what you currently have in the bedroom to pay for the new buffet. You got a great deal!

Roxie said...

It' s a beautiful piece of furniture and you rocked finding it! Big congratulations! But paint? I dunno. It's real purty just as it is.

In a dining room, I like to hang a mirror at table height so it looks like a bigger party is going on.

Cindie Kitchin said...

Wow - what a great find! It's going to make a great buffet. Don't you just love finding the perfect item and it's a bargain too?!

Dixie said...

Henredon for $30$ A steal. I'm in agreement with those who say not to paint it. It really deserves to be left as is. But then, it does belong to you, and you must have some sort of vision for it, so I know you'll do as you please. Enjoy it!

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

Ahhh I love those finds! Can't decide about painting it... it could look so beautiful with a facelift.

Found you through Pozie Gets Cozy, by the way... nice to meet you!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I love it! What a great find! I personally would go for it and paint it if that will look better in the dining room.

Anonymous said...

An amazing find!

Catt in Kentucky

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