Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time to Tie

We didn't quite meet the deadline we'd hoped for finishing my daughter's quilt.  But, we worked hard on it when we could.  We cut and cut, spent hours figuring out an arrangement on the loft floor, and row by row we sewed them together.  She worked from one end and I worked from the other with two sewing machines whirring away on the studio work table.  We had just enough squares left over to do a little something for the back to make it cute on both sides (I'll show that later).  Then, she had to leave for school.

I worked on the back side last week and made an oops!  Uh oh!  I cut a little too much on one section. I'm not sure what happened.  But, I think, I'll be able to make it work.  I tweeked it a bit yesterday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to make it work out okay when it's time for the binding.

Today, I finished layering the two sides with the batting, lining it up as perfect as I could, and pinning it.  Then, I pulled out the quilt stand from my studio closet.  My mom bought it at her church rummage sale a few years ago for a really cheap price...maybe $5.  I used it once but it's been a while.    So, I wasn't quite sure how it was supposed to go together.  I dumped out all the pieces on the floor and scratched my head.  Hmmmm?  But, I got the legs put together and eventually figured out the rest.

This is the only bit of directions that it came with...a small line drawing on the side of the box...

I got the quilt on the stand and ready to tie.

Next came the decision of which thread to use for tying the quilt together.  The knots are going on the back side...where the little polka dots are.  It looked green until I tried to find a color match of thread or yarn for tying it.  There weren't even any sewing threads that came close.  I bought the three best options I could find and brought them home to have a better look and decide.

The embroidery floss was the best match for the polka dot side.  But, I worry it might not stay securely tied because of it's smooth/shiny finish.  The crochet thread was too green and might be too smooth too.  So, I went with the Sugar N Cream.  The color is a pretty good match for both sides and I think the knots should stay together better with the more textured cotton.  I'm splitting the four ply into two and it's working pretty well.  I'm alternating between making stitches from the top and cutting and leaving the ends on the bottom side, and then laying underneath to tie the knots and trim the ends.  It's much easier on my back to go back and forth.

I'm seeing the light at the end of this quilting adventure and I really do think it'll be done soon.  I can't wait to have it finished, folded, and ready to give to her.  She's really excited and I think it's going to look great in her apartment bedroom.  I think she'll feel lots of love when she looks at it and she'll have great memories from working on it together.  I know I will.  :-)


jomomma said...

From a Knitting Journal given to me by my Aunt Shorty, "Navajo knitters make one deliberate error in a garment so as not to offend the gods with human attempts at perfection." I think this applies to quilting too.

Acorn to Oak said...

I like that thinking. I always end up with some little booboo in just about everything I weave. I always joke that it's my signature. I guess it can work for the quilt too! :-)

Roxie said...

That quilt is totally charming! It's feminine without being saccharine. It's freash and bright and just stuffed with goodness. What a splendid portable hug!

Roxie said...

I usually use wool yarn to tie my quilts because when you wash it, the knots shrink tighter.

vicki said...

Wow--- the quilt is just beautiful. Your daughter is going to treasure this forever-- such a legacy to be able to say -"I made this with my Mom!!". Truly this is an heirloom---